Friday, September 21, 2012

Your Life Is A Reflection Of Choices You Made.. You Have Another Choice Now!

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You Have A Choice !

We've each been provided with a number of incredible and irrevocable gifts that that are oftentimes overlooked and/or taken for granted.

One of the most incredible gifts provided to you is your Power to Choose.

As true as that is, it's a gift that many choose to utilize unconsciously or at best, based on a very shallow and superficial understanding of the process of creation remain "seemingly and needlessly stuck" which only serves to produce "undesired" or mediocre results at best.

This is why so many "perceive" themselves as victims or creatures of circumstance rather than "creators of circumstance."

Your individual Power To Choose on the surface, is quite obvious to most.

You utilize this power daily as you make choices about where you work, what you eat, the clothes you wear, when you go to bed, etc.

These common on the surface "external" examples of how we exercise our power to choose individually are the obvious conscious choices that we each make on a day to day basis.

But a fact that most overlook is the fact that that the vast majority of choices made are being made "unconsciously", below your conscious awareness.

Each and every minute of every day either on a conscious or subconscious level we are choosing the inevitable outcomes that follow.

Although we're well aware of the "conscious choices", it's more times than not the "unconscious choices" that lead to producing our "less than desired" results regardless of how badly we may "want" something.

With each of the choices that you make individually, comes the need for accepting responsibility for what you experience in your life, in relation to each of the choices made by you.

If you are unhappy in your work for example, you have the free will, or choice to change your profession. The choices you make concerning the kind of foods that you eat will determine your health to a great extent. What time you choose to go to bed at night determines how you'll feel the next day.

You have been given the power to choose and decide these things for yourself, and each and each and every one of these obvious "conscious choices" are a direct reflection of the outcomes that you experience on a day to day basis.

We agree on that, Correct?

Yet your power to choose and the results that you experience as a result goes well beyond the obvious conscious choices made.

What if someone told you that, contrary to what so many have been taught and led to believe regarding themselves and their potential, that you have the power to choose how you live your life that extend well beyond these obvious day to day "conscious choices?"

What if you were introduced to the idea that you could use your individual power to choose to determine exactly how much money you made, the quality of relationships that you attract, and your quality of health?

What if you found that you have the power to choose without limitation of any form whether it be your career, what kind of car you drive, the kind of home you live in, and how much time you could spend with your family?

Would you believe it?

If you've adopted the mindset of the vast majority, the answer would be no which is precisely why those who enjoy and experience this kind and quality of life are in the minority class.

But make no mistake...


Regardless of how you answered that question, and whether you currently "believe it" or not, it's far more than possible, it's your birthright!
No question it's the road less traveled yet at the same time it's a road that's open and available for all to travel whenever they make the choice to do so.


Those who choose this "less traveled path" simply choose to utilize the irrevocable gift we've each been provided and make a decision to choose their paths consciously and intentionally.

In fact the choices you are and have been making to this point, both conscious and unconscious are precisely what has created the kind and quality of life that you are, have been and will continue experiencing.

Your life and the events, conditions and circumstances in your life are nothing more than a mirrored reflection of the predominant mindset that you choose to hold.

Remember one thing, there are no "lucky people" and there exists no such thing as "unanswered prayer."

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