Tuesday, September 18, 2012

365 Million Indians Will Reach The Age Of Employment In The Next 15 years.

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365 Million Indians Will Reach

The Age Of Employment

In The Next 15 years. 

Will these 365 million be unemployable graduates?

Makers of consumer goods and service around the world are salivating at the thought of India's impending demographic dividend: 23-25 mn people will become eligible for work every year for the next 15 years. This would give us at least 365 mn empowered young Indians by 2025, with the power to buy and consume.

Not so fast though. With more Indians than the total current population of the United States poised to enter the workforce over the next 15 years, what work are these people going to do? The northern and eastern belt will produce more than half of this 'new' population. In the absence of a significant overhaul of employment infrastructure, India's historical pace and profile of employment generation is unlikely to absorb the demanding dividend. This gap is likely to be exacerbated by the demands of an increasingly literate work force with rising aspirations. India has created ~6.5-7.0 mn employment opportunities per year over the past quarter century, starting now, it will need to create 11.0 mn employment opportunities every year.

This gap is going to be filled by network marketing companies. For that to happen the Network Marketing Industry has to gear up and get its act together.
Government can not create this kind of employment opportunities, but it sure can help by granting the industry a legitimate status and bringing it under a regulatory authority to weed out unethical and undesirable fly by night operators.
Till that happens we take the onus of educating people about this business of the future and also explaining "How & Why To Choose The Right Opportunity"  

Wellness Is The Next Trillion Dollar Industry 
- Paul Zane Pilzer

What Is Network Marketing?

How To Spot The Best Opportunity?

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