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Vaastu for Homes - Basic 1 Day Workshop By Reshma Kalantri is in one week.

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The NewAge Foundation
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011-45090232 / 9818181991

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Price: $60.00 per person

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Meetup Description

A Basic Workshop on Vaastu For Residences

Ideal for beginners and also people who wish to take up Vaastu Shastra as a profession in future or maybe use the principles of Vaastu to enhance their own home or business premises. It is also useful for people in the Real Estate Business.

Course Contents

1. Using the Magnetic Compass
2. Straight, Tilted and Diagonal axis
3. Understanding the Directions
4. Paramashyika Vastu Purush Mandal
5. Room Placements
6. Internal Placements
7. Placement of Water
8. Roads
9. Gates
10. Examples
11. Formula
12. Questions

About The Facilitator

Reshma Kalantri is a practitioner of modern Vastu Shastra. After having studied Vastu Shastra from the ancient texts she has developed a unique methodology using a holistic and practical approach in sync with modern living. She has also incorporated the knowledge of yantras in her Vastu practice to enhance positive energies and counter negative energies of any site.

She specializes in planning the site from the ground up in accordance with the rules of Vastu Shastra. This ensures maximum compliance with the rules of Vastu Shastra. The detailed layouts are self explanatory and can be easily interpreted by anybody.

Having worked in Mumbai and other metropolis she understands the limitation of space and has developed a method to work within the existing confines and still deliver maximum Vastu advantage. She believes that Vastu Shastra is a malleable science and most of the times is flexible enough to be applied to built structures too.

Her in depth understanding and vast knowledge of the subject and her ability to be attuned to the clients requirements makes it possible for her to deliver client satisfaction every time. She has provided consultancy for bungalows, apartments, high rises, townships, factories, plants, hospitals, clinics, offices, showrooms, shops, etc.

She has co-authored a book on Vastu Shastra "The Mystique Vastu Shastra……..A Contemporary Approach To Sacred Architecture". This book epitomizes her philosophy of maximizing the positive potential of the site and use it to the inhabitant's advantage. She has been practicing this branch Vastu Shastra for the last fifteen years. She also conducts workshops to teach people elementary Vastu Shastra with an intention of doing away with the many myths that have taken root in recent years.

Workshop Fee : Rs. 3,000 Per Head (Includes a copy of Vastu Shastra "The Mystique Vastu Shastra worth Rs.400/- , Tea/Coffee, Lunch etc.)
Early Bird Discount @ 10% for registrations before 15th March
To Register sms NEWAGE to 53030 or Call 9818181991/ 45090232

Sandeep Goswamy

Friday, March 19, 2010

Belief, Knowledge.... And the facts

Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. The terms belief and knowledge are used differently in philosophy. A false belief is not considered to be knowledge, even if it is sincere.

Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said that "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." Most individuals believe the religion they were taught in childhood. However, even educated people, well aware of the process by which beliefs form, still strongly cling to their beliefs, and act on those beliefs even against their own self-interest.

Sandeep Goswamy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Is It That We Always Choose To Be Unhappy? - Osho

This is one of the most complex human problems. It has to be considered very deeply, and it is not theoretical ? It concerns you. This is how everybody is behaving...always choosing the wrong, always choosing the sad, the depressed, the miserable. There must be profound reasons for it, and there are.

The first thing: the way human beings are brought up plays a very definite role in it. If you are unhappy you gain something from it, you always gain. If you are happy you always lose.

From the very beginning an alert child starts feeling the distinction. Whenever he is unhappy everybody is sympathetic towards him, he gains sympathy. Everybody tries to be loving towards him, he gains love. And even more than that: whenever he is unhappy everybody is attentive towards him, he gains attention. Attention works like food for the ego, a very alcoholic stimulant. It gives you energy; you feel you are somebody. Hence so much need, so much desire to get attention.

If everybody is looking at you, you become important. If nobody is looking at you, you feel as if you are not there, you are no more, you are a non-being. People looking at you, people caring about you gives you energy. The ego exists in relationship. The more people pay attention to you, the more you gain ego. If nobody looks at you, the ego dissolves. If everybody has completely forgotten you, how can the ego exist? How can you feel that you are? Hence the need for societies, associations, clubs. All over the world clubs exist ?Rotary, Lions? Masonic Lodges...millions of clubs and societies. These societies and clubs exist only to give attention to people who cannot get attention in other ways.

It is difficult to become a president of a country. It is difficult to become a mayor of a corporation. It is easier to become the president of a Lions?Club; then a particular group gives you attention. You are very important ?

Doing nothing! Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs...doing nothing at all but still they feel they are something important. The president goes on changing; one this year, another next year.

Everybody gets attention. It is a mutual arrangement, and everybody feels important.

From the very beginning the child learns the politics. The politics are: look miserable, then you get sympathy, then everybody is attentive. Look ill; you become important. An ill child becomes dictatorial; the whole family has to follow him ? Whatsoever he says is the rule.

When he is happy nobody listens to him. When he is healthy nobody cares about him. When he is perfect nobody is attentive. From the very beginning we start choosing the miserable, the sad, the pessimistic, the darker side of life. That's one thing.

A second thing related to it is: whenever you are happy, whenever you are joyful, whenever you feel ecstatic and blissful, everybody is jealous of you. Jealousy means that everybody is antagonistic, nobody is friendly; at that moment everybody is an enemy. So you have learnt not to be so ecstatic that everybody becomes inimical towards you ?not to show your bliss, not to laugh.

Look at people when they laugh. They laugh very calculatingly. It is not a belly laugh, it is not coming from the very depth of their being. They first look at you, then they judge...and then they laugh. And they laugh to a particular extent, to the extent you will tolerate, to the extent which will not be taken amiss, the extent where nobody will become jealous.

Even our smiles are political. Laughter has disappeared; bliss has become absolutely unknown, and to be ecstatic is almost impossible because it is not allowed. If you are miserable nobody will think you are mad. If you are ecstatic and dancing everybody will think you are mad. Dance is rejected, singing is not accepted. A blissful man...we think something has gone wrong.

What type of society is this? If someone is miserable everything is okay; he fits because the whole society is miserable, more or less. He is a member; he belongs to us. If somebody becomes ecstatic we think he has gone berserk, insane. He doesn't belong to us...and we feel jealous.

Because of jealousy we condemn him. Because of jealousy we will try in every way to put him back to his old state. We call that old state normality. Psychoanalysts will help, psychiatrists will help to bring that man to the normal misery.

In the West, the whole society is turning against psychedelics. The law, the state, the government, the legal experts, the high courts, the legislators, priests, popes...everybody is turning against them. They are not really against psychedelics, they are against people being ecstatic. They are not against alcohol, they are not against other things which are drugs, but they are against psychedelics because psychedelics can create a chemical change in you. And the old crust that the society has created around you, the imprisonment in misery, can be broken, there can be a breakthrough. You can come out of it, even for a few moments, and be ecstatic.

Society cannot allow ecstasy. Ecstasy is the greatest revolution. I repeat it: ecstasy is the greatest revolution. If people become ecstatic the whole society will have to change, because this society is based on misery.

If people are blissful you cannot lead them to war ?to Vietnam, or to Egypt, or to Israel. No. Someone who is blissful will just laugh and say: This is nonsense!

If people are blissful you cannot make them obsessed with money. They will not waste their whole lives just accumulating money. It will look like madness to them that a person is destroying his whole life, just exchanging his life for dead money, dying and accumulating money. And the money will be there when he is dead. This is absolute madness! But this madness cannot be seen unless you are ecstatic.
If people are ecstatic then the whole pattern of this society will have to change. This society exists on misery. Misery is a great investment for this society. So we bring up children...from the very beginning we create a leaning towards misery. That why they always choose misery.

In the morning for everybody there is a choice. And not only in the morning, every moment there is a choice to be miserable or to be happy. You always choose to be miserable because there is an investment. You always choose to be miserable because that has become a habit, a pattern, you have always done that. You have become efficient at doing it, it has become a track. The moment your mind has to choose, it immediately flows towards misery.

Misery seems to be downhill, ecstasy seems to be uphill. Ecstasy looks very difficult to reach but it is not so. The real thing is quite the opposite: ecstasy is downhill, misery is uphill. Misery is a very difficult thing to achieve, but you have achieved it, you have done the impossible...because misery is so anti-nature. Nobody wants to be miserable and everybody is miserable.

Society has done a great job. Education, culture, and the culturing agencies, parents, teachers ?they have done a great job. They have made miserable creatures out of ecstatic creators. Every child is born ecstatic. Every child is born a god. And every man dies a madman.

Unless you recover, unless you reclaim your childhood, you will not be able to become the white clouds I am talking about. This is the whole work for you, the whole sadhana ?how to regain childhood, how to reclaim it. If you can become children again then there is no misery.

I don't mean that for a child there are no moments of misery ?there are. But still there is no misery. Try to understand this.

A child can become miserable, he can be unhappy, intensely unhappy in a moment, but he is so total in that unhappiness, he is so one with that unhappiness that there is no division. The child separate from unhappiness is not there. The child is not looking at his unhappiness separate, divided. The child is unhappiness ?he is so involved in it. When you become one with unhappiness, unhappiness is not unhappiness. If you become so one with it, even that has a beauty of its own.

So look at a child ?an unspoilt child, I mean. If he is angry, then his whole energy becomes anger; nothing is left behind, no holding back. He has moved and become anger; there is nobody manipulating and controlling it. There is no mind. The child has become anger; he is not angry, he has become the anger. And then see the beauty, the flowering of anger. The child never looks ugly; even in anger he looks beautiful. He just looks more intense, more vital, more alive...a volcano ready to erupt. Such a small child, such a great energy, such an atomic being ?with the whole universe to explode!

And after this anger the child will be silent. After this anger the child will be very peaceful. After this anger the child will relax. We may think it is very miserable to be in that anger but the child is not miserable ?he has enjoyed it.

If you become one with anything you become blissful. If you separate yourself from anything, even if it is happiness, you will become miserable.

So this is the key. To be separate as an ego is the base of all misery; to be one, to be flowing, with whatsoever life brings to you, to be in it so intensely, so totally, that you are no more, you are lost, then everything is blissful.

The choice is there, but you have even become unaware of the choice. You have been choosing the wrong so continuously, it has become such a dead habit, that you simply choose it automatically. There is no choice left.

Become alert. Each moment when you are choosing to be miserable remember: this is your choice. Even this mindfulness will help, the alertness that this is my choice and I am responsible, and this is what I am doing to myself, this is my doing. Immediately you will feel a difference. The quality of mind will have changed. It will be easier for you to move towards happiness.

Once you know that this is your choice, then the whole thing has become a game. Then if you love to be miserable, be miserable, but remember, this is your choice and don't complain. There is nobody else who is responsible for it. This is your drama. If you like this way, if you like a miserable way, if you want to pass through life in misery, then this is your choice, your game. You are playing it. Play it well!

Then don go and ask people how not to be miserable. That is absurd. Don't go and ask masters and gurus how to be happy. The so-called gurus exist because you are foolish. You create the misery, and then you go and ask others how to uncreate it. And you will go on creating misery because you are not alert to what you are doing. From this very moment try, try to be happy and blissful

Osho - The Revolution Called Ecstasy

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Is The Modern Man Feeling So Lonely?

Why Is The Modern Man Feeling So Lonely? - Osho

MAN HAS ALWAYS FELT LONELY, because man basically IS alone. We are born alone, and we will die alone. And in the middle we can only pretend to be together. Aloneness remains unaffected. It becomes an undercurrent, it goes underground.

Man has always been alone, but modern man is feeling it more for a certain reason -- because modern man for the first time has time enough to think about his own self. In the past, the struggle for bread and butter was so much that it kept people occupied from the early morning to the late night, and then too they were not able to feed themselves and their children enough.

And that's exactly the case in the East even today. Modern man in an Indian village is not feeling lonely. He has no time to feel anything at all! He feels hungry, not lonely; he needs a shelter, a house. These things -- feelings of loneliness -- he cannot afford. These feelings start surfacing only when a society becomes a little affluent.

When people are well-fed, well-clothed, well-sheltered, well-employed -- when the ordinary necessities of life are fulfilled, then the real problems of life arise. Then one suddenly becomes aware that "I am lonely, even in the crowd I am lonely." This is a higher need. There is a hierarchy of needs.

First physical needs come. If physical needs are not fulfilled, you will not have psychological needs. Once physical needs are fulfilled, then psychological needs arise -- those are higher. One thinks of music, poetry, painting; one thinks of art, aesthetics -- those are higher needs. One thinks of Shakespeare, Milton, Kali Das, Rabindranath, Kahlil Gibran; one thinks of Wagner, Beethoven, Leonardo, Van Gogh, Picasso.... These are higher needs.

A hungry man cannot understand Beethoven. Howsoever great the music is, it cannot fill his stomach. And he is so hungry that he would like to kill the musician rather than listen to the music. He will not bother about great works of art; rather, he will be interested in Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto. Once physical needs are fulfilled, psychological needs arise.

You will be surprised to know: I receive many letters from Soviet Russia. They cannot even write to me directly, because then those letters will never come. First the Russian government and then the Indian government.... If there were only the Indian government there would be a chance. But the Russian government... and they are very methodical. So those letters are given to visitors, tourists, to Switzerland, and then those letters are dropped in London or in Berlin or in Paris, then they come to me.

Many people write that they would like to come here, but it is impossible. My books are being read, but in an underground way. They are circulating from one person to another... but officially you cannot carry my books in a communist country.

Russia is coming closer and closer to that point where physical needs are fulfilled, and psychological needs will arise, and spiritual needs are the highest in the hierarchy. Once psychological needs are fulfilled -- you have heard great music, you have seen great paintings, you have read great poetry -- then what? Sooner or later, those things also prove to be games, beautiful games, but games all the same.

Then the ultimate starts knocking on your doors, and when the ultimate knocks on your doors you feel REALLY LONELY, lonely in this whole universe. And that is the beginning of meditation. If you feel lonely and if your feeling of loneliness has some penetration, intensity, passion in it, then you start meditating.
Meditation is a way to come to terms with one's loneliness, to have an encounter with one's own loneliness rather than escaping from it, diving deep into it and seeing what exactly it is. And then you are in for a surprise. If you go into your loneliness you will be surprised: at the very center of it it is not lonely at all -- there resides aloneness which is a totally different phenomenon.

The circumference consists of loneliness and the center consists of aloneness. The circumference consists of solitariness and the center of solitude. And once you have known your beautiful aloneness, you will be a totally different person -- you will never feel lonely. Even in the mountains or in the deserts where you will be absolutely alone, you will not feel lonely -- because in your aloneness you will know God is with you, in your aloneness you are so deeply rooted in God that who cares whether there is somebody else outside or not? You are so full inside, so rich inside...

Right now, even in the crowd you are lonely. And I am saying: if you know your aloneness, even in your loneliness you will not be lonely.

People are really lonely. The woman asked, "Does that mean you are not coming?" Man has never been so lonely because man has never been able to fulfill the lower desires, needs before. For the first time in the West, man has been able to fulfill all lower desires; now the higher desires are asserting themselves. This is a good sign. It looks like a curse -- it is not -- it is a blessing in disguise.

The days of the West turning East have come. The misery is that the East is turning West. Man seems to be so foolish. By the time the West turns East, you will find the East has become West. And this way the sorry-go-round continues...

You can see it here. Why don't you see so many Indians here? This is not their need. What I am sharing here has nothing to do with them. The desire for it has not yet arisen. Even when sometimes they come, they don't ask about meditation, they don't ask about sannyas, they don't ask about love -- no, not at all.
Just the other day I received a letter saying, "Why don't you open a few hospitals, a few schools...? Why don't you teach your sannyasins to serve the poor?" The poor have been served down the ages and they are still poor. Poverty cannot be destroyed by serving the poor -- that much is absolutely certain. Poverty can be destroyed only if a new vision of life is given to them. They are poor because their philosophy makes them poor; they are poor because their very attitude towards life keeps them poor. They are poor BECAUSE of themselves! They don't need compassion: they need education. They don't need service: they need to be shaken into awareness. But nobody wants to be shaken out of their own dreams and sleep. Hence they are angry at me.

Hospitals are there; a few more can be added. Schools are there; a few more can be added. But that is NOT going to help. That is like throwing colour with teaspoons into the ocean: it is not going to colour the ocean.

We have to change the whole fundamental. Why has India remained so poor for so many centuries? The reason must be very deep. The reason is that the Indian mind is life-negative. The reason is that the Indian mind lives in a division: this world and that. The reason is that the Indian mind is against materialism. If you are against materialism you will remain poor, and that is your own decision; then it is your own fate decided by you yourself.

A real spirituality has to be based on scientific materialism. Matter and consciousness are not two things, just as body and consciousness are not two things -- aspects of one phenomenon. This world has to be loved, Then this world yields, gives its secrets to you.

The West has committed one mistake, that there is no spiritualism, only materialism is enough. So their basic needs are fulfilled, but the higher needs are torturing them, making them commit suicide or go mad. And the East has committed the other mistake: that spiritualism can exist without materialism, so the East has become like a ghost, a soul without a body. The West is a body without a soul, a corpse: and the East is a ghost, a soul without a body.

My effort here is to somehow bring East and West closer and closer, so everybody can have a body and everybody can have a soul. Materialism and spiritualism should be two aspects of one life vision. Then the poverty will disappear. The earth is rich enough, and man's intelligence is there -- we can make it even richer.

But you don't see Indians here, not many, very few. Those few are those who are intelligent enough to see that even if lower desires are fulfilled, nothing will be fulfilled. Those few are born in the East, but they are really contemporary, they are modern. They have seen what has happened in the West. And even if India becomes rich, this is going to happen: the West is not happy; even if India becomes rich it is not going to be happy either. So happiness has to be searched for in some other dimension.

That dimension is: entering your loneliness till you come upon aloneness. The first glimpse of aloneness is satori. The second glimpse, the second satori: you become established in your aloneness, rooted. And the third, the ultimate satori, what we call samadhi in India, is the state when you are no more separate from your aloneness -- you ARE your aloneness.

And then one starts overflowing like a fountain. Out of that aloneness arises the fragrance of love, and out of that aloneness arises creativity -- because out of that aloneness God starts flowing. You become a hollow bamboo... he starts singing. But the song is always his.


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Come join me at Osho Neo Reiki - The 1st Degree Workshop by Swami Dhyan Nikhil on The NewAge Foundation

Your Partner In Spiritual & Personal Growth
Sandeep Goswa…
Sandeep Goswamy has invited you to the event 'Osho Neo Reiki - The 1st Degree Workshop by Swami Dhyan Nikhil' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Osho Neo Reiki - The 1st Degree Workshop by Swami Dhyan Nikhil" on The NewAge Foundation

Sandeep Goswamy

Osho Neo Reiki - The 1st Degree Workshop by Swami Dhyan Nikhil Time: March 26, 2010 at 6pm to March 30, 2010 at 7pm
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
The Osho Neo Reiki was developed by Osho Rajneesh himself in 1988. This system includes more powerful meditations and also the attunement. The Osho Neo Reiki also provides an opportunity to heal anyone on faster rate and work on Kundalini as well. Osho Neo Reiki is for those, who wish to excel in the field of spirituality. Everyone is spiritual to some extent. You can find new avenues for spirituality within your heart.

Approach through the meaning of the syllables, and nature of the sound. Rei means Universal, and ki is the life force energy. In one of His talk Osho speaking about the meaning of the Japanese word OSHO, said that O means with a great respect, love and gratitude, and SHO is a multidimensional expansion of consciousness.

He also said this very sound of Osho opens a space of meditation inside us

It takes you in the space of meditation and receive the Universal life force energy with a great respect, love and gratitude, to use for self and to share with others, for a multidimensional expansion of consciousness.

The Focus is on using Reiki as tool for Transformation. The ability to bring about healing through Reiki is gained through receiving OSHO Reiki initiations.

The First Degree

The First Degree begins with an introduction to "Energy" and the History of Reiki with updates on the actual streams. The basic positions (around twenty) for partner-treatment and the positions for self-treatment (seven, according to the energy centres in the body) are being demonstrated and practiced.

Moreover a Quick-treatment for harmonizing these energy centres (chakras) and their places in the body is taught. In addition we give first explanations to the different qualities of the chakras and their possible expression.

Basic guidelines to the issue of "Sickness and Healing" can help to bring more light and understanding into the emotions and thought patterns, lying underneath a symptom. An introduction into Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Meditation gives participants the possibility to experience the effects of these active Meditation techniques and to use them maybe later when old emotions like suppressed anger are surfacing.

The 1st Degree attunements are given over a 5 full days residential workshop.

About The Facilitator :-

Vikram Vaishampayan has been initiated for first and second level of Osho Neo Reiki by Maa Gandha & is the first Indian to have been initiated as an Osho Neo Reiki Master by Swami Shemesh in 2004, under the Osho Neo Sanyas name of Swami Dyan Nikhil.

He was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1996 by Nita Khare, a renowned Reiki Master herself.

He also learnt Thai Massage from the School of Thai Massage Thailand.

Vikram is also a qualified Vaastu Consultant from the Rachana Sansad College of Architecture, Mumbai in the year 2005

Workshop Fee : Rs. 14,000/- (Inclusive of Boarding, Lodging, Course Material & Certification)
Early Bird Reward for Registration before 15th March Will be 10% Off !
Couples attending together Rs. 18,000/-
Old Participants of any of our workshops can attend for Rs. 12,000/-
Check In at 6 PM on 25th March and Check Out 30th March 6 PM
For Registration Call Sandeep Goswamy 9818181991 or
sms NEWAGE to 53030

See more details and RSVP on The NewAge Foundation:
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Article about Osho Neo-Reiki by Himani (Originally in German, April 2002 / May 2004 )

Article about Osho Neo-Reiki by Himani ( originally in German, April 2002 / May 2004 )

My story with Reiki is closely connected with the inner story of myself, with the story of my becoming human.

When in the middle of my thirties (around 1975) I started searching for "something", where I could be whole , I was in the first place thinking of a place or a project outside of me, where I would be able to live "wholly" with my knowledge, my talents, my skills as well as with the different aspects of my personality. Until then I had only lived these in separate areas and only limited.

At that time I had not expected or even suspected, that there would be totally new dimensions for me to be experienced. I started with meditation in the traditional way, that is sitting and watching the breath. Very soon I broke through into my inner world, where I found the memories of my early child-hood in World War II. These burdens I had to get rid of. First I started with a group in Gestalt-Therapy, then I met Osho, my Master, and used regularly and long-time the active meditations techniques, designed by him for modern humanity.

At the beginning my way was like trekking in darkness, over stony slopes upwards, downward again into the valley through threatening forest and thorny undergrowth till slowly I advanced to the well of the waters of life.

Over the years the river of life became stronger, was flowing more quickly …to lead into the ocean one day.

A very meaningful process at that time was a therapy in Past Lives. It helped me to unburden tons of guilt and to understand myself as part of humanity. I was given hints into which direction my next steps would go. That's why it was a clear move for me to participate in a weekend workshop about Reiki with Mary Mc Fadyen even when I had never heard about Reiki before and "energy" was only a word for me.

In that spring 1982 I started with the First Degree and up to today I stayed with Reiki. Of course I have also learned and practiced other techniques of body- or energy-work. I gathered some knowledge about anatomy and about the Chinese system of meridians. All this has opened the entrance to my very own inner knowing.

At the beginning it was my hands, which, through their increasing sensibility knew better and better how they wanted to move or where and how they wanted to touch another person's body/energy/system. Slowly I could trust my hands more and more, could give them more freedom and at the same time listen to my inner comments as well. There was the echo from school-times in my unconsciousness, usually telling me that I did something not right or not well. But there also was a – totally new - understanding from a higher level of my consciousness, where – AHA! – everything was clear and sensible.

In this way I slowly learned to trust my intuition more and give it space in my " hand ling" of daily situations. From the brain researches I learned to understand, that we have two hemispheres: the left side of the brain we use for rational thinking, for activity, for moving outwards. The right part of the brain facilitates intuitive knowing, being receptive, looking inwards. From Osho I heard, that we only have learned to use a part of the left-brain, that mostly both sides are no longer connected and that meditation can bridge and integrate again. For my personal process this meant, that I was no longer looking for " being whole " on the outside, but started to understand this as an inner dimension.

Reiki as technique of laying on the hands always stayed the basic part of my work with others. It is the simplest and most natural technique I know, not coming from doing, but from letting-happen. During the many years of practicing my whole life has taken a turn from doing and "must" to letting-flow and "allowing".

During certain periods I have also allowed other energy-transmitters to flow into my Reiki work. So I was guided to integrate the qualities of certain stones, then crystals with their clear power … till these qualities were awakened and activated in me, as aspects of myself. That meant, that my inner potential was coming to the surface, into my consciousness. Memories, experiences, learned knowledge – from this life time and others – were more easily available. For example with the awakening and strengthening of my inner fire also my talent and joy in painting was set free.

At another time of my work sounds were coming to me, which were vibra-ting in me and creating space inside. These sound vibrations I allowed to flow into the other body during the Reiki sessions – for creating space and vibration. Aura Soma has helped me in very subtle ways to activate and enrich the inner colours. The Flower Essences of Dr. Bach and other systems were always helpful companions to me. And often they were part of my recommendations for the subtle inner changes in others.

After having gained experiences in individual sessions for seven years, I received the Reikimaster Training – again from MaryMcFadyen (in January 1989). Afterwards I have lived and worked for many years in the Osho Commune International in India – nine full years (from 1989 till 1998) I was giving Reiki in the Mystery School. On the very first day of my very first group, I received the message from Osho: "From now on you call it Osho Neo-Reiki." That was a big moment for me. How could I grow into this name? How could I fill it? What was my very individual song in this existence?

And so I ask myself again right now: What is my individual contribution in the big orchestra of Reiki practitioners?

I respect the frame, which has come to me from the tradition:

In Osho Neo-Reiki as I present it, there are:

  • Initiations into the First Degree (four),
  • the Second Degree (three),
  • the Master Degree (one).

The weekend of a First Degree begins with an introduction to "Energy" and the History of Reiki with updates on the actual streams. The basic positions (around twenty) for partner-treatment and the positions for self-treatment (seven, according to the energy centres in the body) are being demonstrated and practiced.

Moreover a Quick-treatment for harmonizing these energy centres (chacras) and their places in the body is taught. In addition I give first explanations to the different qualities of the chacras and their possible expression in the personality.

Basic guidelines to the issue of "Sickness and Healing" can help to bring more light and understanding into the emotions and thought patterns, lying underneath a symptom.

An introduction into Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Meditation gives parti-cipants the possibility to experience the effects of these active Meditation techniques and to use them maybe later when old emotions like suppressed anger are surfacing.

During a weekend with the Second Degree there are detailed instructions and practicing with the three Reiki-symbols as they were passed on by Mrs. Takata to Mary McFadyen.

In my personal understanding the first symbol brings an increase of energy; and the awakening of one´s own potential in powerful (fire-)energy.

The second symbol I am introducing for the specific technique, called "Men-tal Healing", i.e. healing through the layers of the mind. As the tradition has taught me, this symbol creates a bridge between the normal mind and its subconscious and superconscious layers; and inside me it creates a clearer perception of them. For better understanding I am presenting Osho´s model of the seven layers of consciousness.

The third symbol teaches us how to give Reiki-Distant-Treatments; and how to become more aware when projecting energy or emotions on others.

The training for the Master Degree for teaching and initiating others follows after an appropriate time of practicing as a process of three days.

Out of my experiences with the Reiki techniques, the inspiring insights of Osho, the observations in my personal process and the transformation of many fellow travellers, I have developed the "Trainings in Metaphysical Energy Work". They are open for everyone, who has received a Reiki-initiation (or a corresponding training).

  The training in Metaphysical Energy Work Part 1
(" Re-gaining Self-Love")
offers structures through which the inner space of the spiritual heart is expanding. Experiments in "Reading" energies of another person show the differences between the perception of the head and the heart. The sensibility for energy centres is trained; and the role of the healer is explored.

In the training in Metaphysical Energy Work Part 2
("Re-gaining Strength")
the individual use of the symbols is compared to let us become more aware of the subtle changes in ourselves (for example if we are sending form the "Third Eye" or allowing heart energy to flow). Special attention is given to the possibilities of using Reiki for situations. The awareness of energy bodies is trained; and the creative energy of the heart expands.

The training in Metaphysical Energy Work Part 3
("Re-gaining Dignity")
deepens and expands the capacities to perceive the subtle energy changes in ourselves and in the clients. First experiments in surgical methods of energy work can help to open inner doors if perception. Explored are our inner attitudes and identifications , like the "Helper", the Healer", the "Master".

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Wishing You A Very Happy Holi!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holi :-)

Sandeep Goswamy


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