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Money Workshop - By Suresh Padmanabhan

Wake up Call for Money

This is your Wake-Up Call for Money. A Perfect Time to look into your life and find out if all is well in your Money World.

The realities of your present situation

You maybe having some Money Problems, Huge Debts, Scarcity of Money, Money Losses, Bad Investments, Losses in the Share Market, Huge Expenses, Business Losses, Stuck Money, Stuck Land/Properties, Court Case, No Job, Poor Savings, VRS, Business not doing well because of Recession and Competition etc. This creates Frustration, Confusion and Depression making us Aimless/Directionless.

.. To maintain a a good status in the society you may have borrowed heavily for your house, car, business and other luxuries. You have spent more than what you can earn and are in a Debt Trap which is increasing and becoming tighter by the day
.. You are doing fairly well, but have Big Ambitions and Dreams. You want to give all Comforts and Luxuries to your family which you did not have in your life. You want your Children to be Well Educated and a want to send them to the best schools and colleges. You want to achieve Success in your Business, Work or Profession. You aspire to lead a content and fulfilled life. You are looking for ways to make this happen.
.. You have all the Material Comforts but something is missing "Spiritually. You want to Discover the Larger Purpose of life and its Secrets.

The Right Place and The Right time

And now you are here? Ask yourself Why ? You are here not just because you have Time or By Mistake. You have Chosen to be Here to Bet Perfect Answers. Your own Desires have got you here. Some Greater Power ( Some may call it God ) has helped you to come here-to Discover a Bright Money Future. This will be the most Beautiful Event in your Life. Relax, Be Assured for a new Chapter is going to unfold in your life.

What is Money Workshop all about?

Money Workshop is an intensive workshop on the art and science of Money and Wealth Management. It is an original workshop and has been around for the last 10 years. In Money Workshop it is discovering the secrets of Money from the ancient times till now. It is like the blue print of Money being unveiled in front of you. Every gadget has a Manual which helps us with Do's and Don'ts. Sadly we do not have the Money Manual, hence we apply our own rules which life and experience has taught us.

Money Workshop will provide you with a practical Instructions Manual which will help you "Handle Money" wisely and powerfully. Money Workshop will also help you discover "Spiritual Secrets of Money" which will radically transform your thinking of Money and Spirituality.

How old is Money Workshop?

Money Workshop is 11 years young as of 2009 & over 20,000 people have benefited so far . It is a hugely successful workshop dedicated to increasing Money Consciousness.

Who is the creator of Money Workshop and what are his thoughts for his creation

Suresh Padmanabhan is the creator of Money Workshop. He is highly educated with post graduate in Management having worked in senior management positions in Advertising and IT. His last job was the Branch Head for a large multinational in IT. He quit his high flying career once he realised his purpose and mission in his life. Coming from a middle class family, he realised early in life the importance of Money. A huge family loss in the Indian Stock Market was the wakeup call for Money. From that moment life was never the same. He went deep into himself and did research on the topic of Money because he had to rescue his own family from the huge financial loss. As he says, "I am the first beneficiary of Money Workshop principles"

Since very early he was gifted with a powerful communication and spiritual grounding. He says that "I have not created Money Workshop, Money Workshop has created me. It just fell into my life and some unseen energy even today guides me on this huge task. I have just been chosen to deliver a message and I thank the Universe for choosing me to spread the consciousness"

Suresh Padmanabhan has authored the hugely successful International Bestseller "I Love Money" which has been published in 23 languages worldwide.

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This is a 2 Day Event and will be held on 20th & 21st February 2010
9 AM to 6 PM on Both Days


Rs. 4,900 Per Head Individuals (Bring A Friend & Get Rs. 1,000 Off)
Rs. 3,900 Per Head for Old Participants of any of our workshops.
Rs. 6,900 For Couples Attending Together
Rs. 3,900 For Participants Below 18's & Above 60's

Visit www.TheMoneyWorkshop.com

FAQ's on The Money Workshop

Includes Manual, Tea/Coffee & Lunch

To Register RSVP here & sms NEWAGE to 53030

The Money Workshop By Suresh Padmanabhan

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Longevity: The Eternal Quest To Live Longer Younger by Paula Horan

During my graduate student days in San Diego, I was introduced to certain Taoist practices which help promote health and longevity. Having already had to deal with healing a breast tumor which I had discovered at age nineteen, I was already an avid explorer of new ways to heal the body and keep it healthy. Thus long before the renewal of interest in health spas, through sheer necessity I discovered ways to detoxify and rejuvenate.

The Taoist philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of longevity practices to enable one to live long enough to complete the most important human endeavor one can strive for in one's lifetime: enlightenment, somehow hit a strong chord with me. One of th e most important aspects of the Taoist practices is the importance of keeping  a positive attitude. In fact, the first longevity practice which is taught, known as the inner smile, helps fortify an inner confidence to help carry the individual through all of life's ups and downs.

Through my first introduction to the Inner Smile, where you visualize a luminescent smile in your third eye and learn to carry it throughout the body, I discovered the importance of discipline in regard to spiritual practice. To change one's mental conditioning, initially takes concerted effort. As my later Guru H.W.L. Poonjaji would say:  effortless effort. With a positive attitude all kinds of health problems are healed. Along with the Inner Smile, I also practiced the Microcosmic Orbit and Tai Chi, the first a meditation on the flow of energy through the two main channels and the second, a martial art which when viewed appears like a graceful moving meditation.

At this same time in my life, I discovered Reiki, the art of transferring universal life force energy to oneself or others. After receiving my Ph.D. in psychology, I devoted a number of years to sharing this simple healing technique around the world. Sharing Reiki was a great blessing, because as you give treatments, you also receive treatments. Reiki when practiced on a daily basis is also a longevity practice.

Over the years, my students have remarked about my "glowing health" and youthful demeanor. I have been asked on numerous occasions to share some of my personal health and beauty secrets.  In response, I have begun to share some of my health secrets such as the use of tri-atomic oxygen or ozone to maintain super health ( the Queen Mother who lived to be 100 is known to have used ozone extensively). Also I have turned a lot of my students on to the importance of keeping an alkaline diet, and how this simple discipline alone can heal a myriad of diseases.

One of my previously best kept secrets, which I now share, is my use of facersize which keeps me looking a good ten years younger.  People who have known me for years, have wanted to know why I seem to stay so young, while they seem to pass me by. Although in truth, I am as vain as the next woman and enjoy looking youthful, as a very practical person, I find seeing myself in the mirror looking much younger, makes me feel younger as well. It encourages me to exercise more vigorously. I even run up and down the stairs like a twenty year old and train with weights.  In addition, facercise releases all the emotional tension we all unknowingly store in the face, and it enables me to not have to wear my normal distance glasses when I teach.

There are numerous other health practices I follow such as periodic fasting, and raw food diet. But most important to me is meditation, which is what takes us beyond the mind to the realm of pure awareness. It is here we find the real elixer of life which helps take us to the realization that finally, there is no birth or death, no youth or old age that we need to conquer, where youth is just a state of mind where we can laugh at ourselves and all of our silly notions…..and just enjoy.

Dr Paula Horan is a well known seminar leader and author on Reiki, Meditation and Alternative Medicine. To find out more about Paula and her programs you can click on www.TheNewAgeFoundation.com


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