Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life should be a passion...

Allow life, trust life, and by and by life will destroy all your inhibitions, and energy will start streaming in all those parts where it has been prevented.

So whatsoever you do, do with this hidden idea that you have to become more flowing. If you holdsomebody's hand, really hold it. You are holding it anyway, so why waste this moment? Really hold it! Don't just be two dead hands holding each other, each wondering when the other is going to leave.

If you talk, then let the talk be passionate, otherwise you will bore others and yourself.

Life should be a passion, a vibrating passion, a pulsating passion, a tremendous energy.

Whatsoever you do it should not be dull, otherwise don't do it. There is no duty to do anything, but whatsoever you feel like doing, really do it.

All inhibitions will disappear by and by, and your whole life will be reclaimed. Your body will be reclaimed; your mind will be reclaimed. The society has crippled the body, the mind – everything. They have given you certain choices; very narrow slits are open and you can only see from those slits. You are not allowed to see the total.

This is what I call a religious mind, a healthy mind. A religious mind is orgasmic, ecstatic. So' don't be frozen. Flow....

So remember, from this moment become more and more alert and be
spontaneous. Flow with the moment Stream with the moment, and allow the moment to take possession of you, whatsoever the cost.

And you will never be a loser because more and more life will become possible to you. More and more your dead body, your dead consciousness, will become alive; blood will flow again. The feeling will start becoming aroused again and you will become a child again.

~ Osho ~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Live this day in all its beauty, in all its joy

Don't be bothered about the problems... raise the consciousness to a higher level. Once the consciousness is on another level, these problems simply become meaningless. Not that they are solved. They are not even worth solving... they don't exist. They simply recede and disappear.

So as I see it, if you feel a little open, perfectly good. One day, at a certain point the balance changes. You are so open that the problems that exist with a closed mind cannot exist; they simply drop. You will start laughing about your having been worried.

Let this opening be a little more clear, otherwise it can close again. You must have a real feel of it so that it becomes part of your consciousness and you don't lose it. The moment the real feeling comes, the problem will be meaningless, and suddenly you will be able to laugh. And that's what growth is all about.

Live this day in all its beauty, in all its joy, in all its pain, agony, ecstasy. Live it in its totality -- in its darkness, in its light. Live the hate and live the love. Live the anger and live the compassion. Live whatsoever is available in this moment. My approach is not that of perfection but that of totality.

 Live the moment that is available to you totally, and the next moment will be born out of it. If this moment has been lived totally, the next is going to reach a higher pitch of totality. a higher peak of totality -- because from where is the next moment going to come? It is going to be born out of this moment. Forget all about the future -- the present is enough.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We have to be rebels, not revolutionaries.-Osho

A rebel, as I use the term, is a spiritual phenomenon. His approach is absolutely individual. His vision is that if we want to change the society, we have to change the individual. Society in itself does not exist; it is only a word, like "crowd" - if you go to find it, you will not find it anywhere. Wherever you encounter someone, you will encounter an individual. "Society" is only a collective name - just a name, not a reality - with no substance.

The individual has a soul, has a possibility of evolution, of change, of transformation. Hence, the difference is tremendous.

The rebel is the very essence of religion. He brings into the world a change of consciousness - and if the consciousness changes, then the structure of the society is bound to follow it. But vice versa is not the case, and it has been proved by all the revolutions because they have failed.

No revolution has yet succeeded in changing human beings; but it seems we are not aware of the fact. We still go on thinking in terms of revolution, of changing society, of changing the government, of changing the bureaucracy, of changing laws, political systems. Feudalism, capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism - they were all in their own way revolutionary. They all have failed, and failed utterly, because man has remained the same.

We have to be rebels, not revolutionaries. The revolutionary belongs to a very mundane sphere; the rebel and his rebelliousness are sacred. The revolutionary cannot stand alone; he needs a crowd, a political party, a government. He needs power - and power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Monday, July 21, 2008


SEEKING IS NOT THE WAY TO FIND GOD. If you want to find him, stop seeking, and find. Stop seeking, and he is found immediately, instantly -- not even a single moment is lost. Why? Because in the very effort of seeking him you are forgetting one thing, that he is already in you. The sought is in the seeker -- but the seeker cannot see it, he is engrossed too much in his seeking. He is running after it, he is searching for it -- his search keeps him so occupied, so engaged, that he cannot look inside and see who is there.

GOD IS ALREADY IN YOU, God is already the case. Just stop seeking. And that is the greatest message of Zen: Stop seeking. "Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself." Zen does not give you any seeking, it takes all seeking away from you. Seekers are the losers! -- because in their very search they go on looking at distant lands. They go on looking at stars -- they don't look within themselves.

And do you know? There is an ancient parable:
IN THE BEGINNING, when God created the world, he used to live on the empty road. But then he became tired because people were continuously nagging him. In the middle of the night the phone will start ringing, and complaints: "And why you have not done this? And why you have done that? What is the reason of it?"

Naturally, he got tired.

So he asked his counselors, "Help me. I would like to go somewhere and hide from people." He confessed that in creating man, "I have created my greatest mistake."

Do you know that since then he has not created anything else? He is still repenting. That was his last creation. He became so afraid of man that he stopped being a creator.

They suggested, "You can go to the Himalayas, nobody will come there." He said, "You don't know. Just within few seconds..." -- and millions of light-years are just few seconds for God. To one who lives in eternity, a different time scale exists, and millions of light-years are just moments. He said, "A man will reach there and another, and they will reach on the Everest and they will find me, and once they have found me people will start coming... so that won't help."

Somebody suggested, "Then why don't you go to the moon?" He said, "Just not even few seconds more and people will reach there. They are going to reach everywhere!"

Then an old adviser came close to him, whispered something in his ear. And he was very happy and he said, "This is the right thing to do!" The man had whispered, "My suggestion is: WHY DON'T YOU HIDE IN MAN HIMSELF? THERE HE WILL NEVER GO! He will go to the mountains, he will go to the Everest, he will go to the moon and to the Mars, he will go to the planets and stars, he will go everywhere. One thing that he will never suspect is that you will be hiding in his own soul." God agreed, and since then he has been hiding in you!

And you have been searching for him on the Everest, on the moon, on the stars, in the scriptures, in the temples, in the mosques, in the churches.

GO ON SEARCHING AND YOU WILL NOT FIND HIM. A seeker never finds. Seeking is a sure way of missing. Then who finds him? One who relaxes, one who drops all seeking, just dives deep into one's own being -- sits there silently, starts moving towards the bottom, to the very ground of one's own being. Sitting in your deepest core, you find him. There is no need to go anywhere.

He is not out there. HE IS YOUR INNERMOST CORE. He is the beat of your heart and the vitality of your breath and the redness of your blood. He is the pulsation of your being!

I teach you THE WAY OF NON-SEEKING. I teach you to relax. I teach you to forget all about God and just be yourself. And one day, suddenly, like a great surprise, the BENEDICTION.

Take It Easy
Vol 2, Ch #4: The Flight of the Alone to the Alone

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome Home!

When I was in third grade I told my mother that I wanted to go to the University of Notre Dame. I remember going to meetings at age 13 about what it took to get in - that's how bad I wanted it. I knew everything it took and used this knowledge to my advantage. Notre Dame will not accept someone merely because they get a good score on the SAT, it takes so much more.

I told everyone I talked to, new friends and old friends, that I would be attending the University of Notre Dame. The response was almost ALWAYS THE SAME: "Wow, isn't that school hard to get into? Don't you have to be really smart?" They would wish me good luck in a "you really need it" tone. I never let this sway me.

Before every football game, Notre Dame would play a commercial showing a girl taking "the letter" out of her mailbox. I CRIED EVERY TIME (because I could FEEL - with so much intensity - how I would feel when I came to that day).

When it came time to apply I was more stressed out than I had ever been in my life, but I still continued to tell people that I would be going there. Sometimes a thought would creep into my head saying, "What if I've been telling everyone that I'm going there and then I don't get in?" Every time I'd stop and say, "NO, I will not let myself think these thoughts." And I would continue to imagine and to feel the feelings of coming home and seeing the letter sitting on the table.

On March 28, 2008, I got a call from my step-father telling me that I had to come home, "RIGHT NOW". When I got home I saw the letter and felt every feeling that I had felt previously in my mind - only magnified. The letter said, "Welcome Home".

I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. I have never KNOWN something more intensely. I KNEW that Notre Dame was the place for me, was my home (I guess God, The Universe, knew too).

Rachel (Indiana)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Work If You Love It

You work if you love it.  Don't ask for recognition.  If it comes, take it easily; if it does not come, do not think about it. Your fulfillment should be in the work itself. And if everybody learns this simple art of loving his work, whatever it is, enjoying it without asking for any recognition, we would have a more beautiful and celebrating world.

As it is, the world has trapped you in a miserable pattern: What you are doing is not good because you love it, because you do it perfectly, but because the world recognizes it, rewards it, gives you gold medals, Nobel prizes.

Any man who has any sense of his own individuality lives by his own love, by his own work, without caring at all what others think of it. The more valuable your work is, the less is the possibility of getting any respectability for it.

Being respected by idiots you have to behave according to their manners, their expectations. To be respected by this sick humanity you have to be more sick than they are. Then they will respect you. But what will you gain? You will lose your soul and you will gain nothing.

You Are Not Unworthy!

Nobody is unworthy. Existence does not produce people who are unworthy. Existence is not unintelligent. If existence produces so many unworthy people, then the whole responsibility goes to existence. Then it can be definitely concluded that existence is not intelligent, that there is no intelligence behind it, that it is an unintelligent, accidental materialist phenomenon and there is no consciousness in it. This is our whole fight, our whole struggle: to prove that existence is intelligent, that existence is immensely conscious.

It is the same existence which creates Gautam Buddhas. It cannot create unworthy people. You are not unworthy. So there is no question of finding a door; there is only an understanding that unworthiness is a false idea imposed on you by those who want you to be a slave for your whole life.

You can drop it just right now. Existence gives the same sun to you as to Gautam Buddha, the same moon as to Zarathustra, the same wind as to Mahavira, the same rain as to Jesus. It makes no difference, it has no idea of discrimination. For existence, Gautam Buddha, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu, Bodhidharma, Kabir, Nanak or you are just the same. The only difference is that Gautam Buddha did not accept the idea of being unworthy, he rejected the idea.

So drop the idea of unworthiness, it is simply an idea. And with the dropping of it, you are under the sky .There is no question of doors; everything is open, all directions are open. That you are is enough to prove that existence needs you, loves you, nourishes you, respects you.

The idea of unworthiness is created by the social parasites. Drop that idea. Be grateful to existence...because it only creates people who are worthy, it never creates anything which is worthless. It only creates people who are needed.

My emphasis is that everyone should respect himself and feel grateful to existence that he has been required to be here at this juncture of time and space.


Friday, July 4, 2008

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