Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Are The NewAge People?

People who take conscious responsibility of their own lives without blaming others for their problems.

People who deliberately decide to learn and grow.

People who don't have to be right, they have to be themselves.

People who see problems as lessons, perhaps in a long series of lives and lessons.

People who believe that they are what they think they are, and can change themselves by changing their thinking.

People who feel they can change the world by changing themselves, not by trying to change others.

People who search for strength from the universe through introspection. People who recognize unconditional love.

People who love and know themselves in order to better know and love others.

People who see others as not better than nor less than, but rather different than, themselves, yet part of the same whole.

People who choose their own path rather than follow dogma.

People who honor your right to your own path, not theirs.

People who realize that now is all we have, since yesterday is just a thought and tomorrow is a dream.

People who are interested in owning themselves rather than things.

People who see joy in life rather than pain, having experienced enough pain already.

People who are curious about extra sensory perception and all that it implies.

People who are from all walks of life, from business persons to flower essence healers, psychologists to UFO investigators.

The New Age people are not gloomers and doomers, though many are concerned about ecology, the economy and other forces that affect our world.

New Age is not a movement based on guilt, anger, fear or hurt. It is a journey towards love that is God.

New Age is not allegiance to one master: it is learning from many masters in the quest for the oneness with God.

New Age is not just humans doing, it is humans being

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Past Life Regression and Energy Balancing (2 Days Basic Workshop)

Announcing a new Meetup for The NewAge Foundation (India)!

What: Past Life Regression and Energy Balancing (2 Days Basic Workshop)

When: August 22nd & 23rd, 2009 9:00 AM - 5 :00 PM Both Days

Rainbow Room,
Hotel "The Connaught" Behind Shivaji Stadum, Connaught Place
New Delhi

Past Life Regression and Energy Balancing (2 Days Basic Workshop)

Facilitated By : Manasi Sose & Smita Wankhede

This experiential workshop helps one understand the higher dimension and to see the big picture of life to live a fuller life. It also helps one find joy, peace, love, confidence, courage and the spark in life!

This workshop helps one to connect with the masters, guiding angels and higher self. It also helps one to find the purpose of life and to resolve health, wealth, relationship, fears, phobias or any other issues by going to root cause of those issues.

The root cause could be in the past of the present life or any previous lives. This is achieved by retrieving energies from the past and transforming them to love-based energies.


Meditation Being with the breath.
Who am I Practical session on "Who Am I".
Reincarnation What is reincarnation and why do we reincarnate?
Karma What is karma?
Past-life regression What is Past-life Regression, its benefits, and evidences?
Emotions What is the importance of emotions?
Fears, phobias Where do they come from? Practical session and tools to release fears and phobias.
Relationships Importance of relationships. Practical session on understanding troubled relationships.
Health Why does one have health problems, where do they come from? Cellular Memories. Practical session on health issues.
Wealth creation What is wealth and how to create wealth? Practical session to find abundance.
Life between lives What happens in the after-death-stage?

Purpose of life Practical session on meeting your masters and guides and finding the purpose of life.

What is Past-Life Regression

"If you don't believe in karma, or reincarnation, don't worry; probably you will, in your next life."
Dr. Bruce Goldberg

We are the sum total of all that we have been in our past lives. Past-Life-Regression is a holistic healing technique because it works on the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It transports the subject back and retrieves memories of the past-lives. These memories are not accessible during normal waking consciousness. 'Re-living is relieving.'

Past-life-regression helps us to explore past-lives and retrieve the energies of those lives.
Past-life-regression brings a person in touch with his larger reality and helps to achieve a clear understanding of why situations in this life are the way they are.
Past-life-regression goes to the root cause of a problem and enables us to eliminate the source of the problem.
Root cause of a problem lies in the Past and its effect is felt in the Present.
By exploring our past-lives, we can find solutions for the problems that we face in the present life.
Thoughts, words, feelings and actions that have been set in motion in the past continue to affect us at all levels of our being (body, mind, emotions, spirit) in the present moment.

What we did yesterday, made our today, and what we do today, makes our tomorrow.

Benefits of Past-Life Regression

Past-life-regression is capable of healing a person's emotional, mental and physical problems.

In the upper realms, our past, present and future occur simultaneously. Hence, our subconscious mind can access our past-lives and transform the energy of the past-lives, so that it does not have a negative impact on our present lives.

This transformation during Past-Life-Regression brings about healing.

Past-life regression Overcomes problems related to:


Heals chronic diseases
Helps overcome fears and phobias
Improves inter-personal relationships
Retrieves talents and abilities of the past
Resolves jinxes and hard luck patterns
Frees us from the fear of death
Connects us to our masters and guides
Connects us with loved ones who have left the body
Helps to find our purpose of life
Helps to design our future

'We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience.'

About The Facilitators:-

Manasi Sose

Manasi had a fascination towards occult sciences since her early childhood. She began to learn the art of Palmistry and Numerology at the age of ten. Subsequently, she began the study of Psychology, Face Reading and Body Language. She began practicing Yoga and Pranayaam since the age of fourteen, soon followed by Vipassana.

Manasi has been doing research in the field of Past Life Regression, for the last one decade. She developed an interest in this topic due to her experiences; in dreams and during reiki sessions, with many Masters and enlightened souls. She realized that Past Life Regression and Breath Work or Rebirthing Process has the power to effectively resolve emotional and physical problems and discover inner peace. After experiencing transformation, she began to see her life from a higher perspective. Having benefited immensely from Past-Life-Regression and Energy Balancing, she was inspired to guide others and help them discover happiness and live a life filled with joy.Manasi has learnt the process of "Inner-Child Healing" and "Painting and Healing".
She has been giving healing sessions for more than a decade now, through energy work earlier and now assimilates the technique of Past-Life Regression, Breath Work or Re-birthing Process, Inner Child Healing and Painting

Smita Wankhede

Smita is a Breath Worker, a Past life Regressionist, and a Reiki master. She has been studying the benefits of meditation, creative visualization, energy work and past-life regression, since the year 1998.

After having gone through different experiences in childood like tuning to different realms, seeing a 'soul', out-of- the- body experiences, her curiosity about the mystics increased and she understood these experiences when she began learning more about this subject. With her questions answered when she was introduced to the world of spirituality, she realized that spirituality is a wisdom that brings joy which has to be experienced, and that, this joy has to be shared with all mankind!

Having benefited from the breath work and past life regression sessions and with a natural flare for teaching, she realized that giving healing to others and spreading the knowledge of spiritual science is her purpose in life! Through her healing sessions, people have found relief from issues which were preventing them from living a fuller life. Each of them have found the purpose of their life and have been able to balance their material and spiritual life.

Click Here To Know More About Past Life & Karma

Workshop Fee : Rs. 5,700/- Per Head (Includes Course Material, Lunch & Tea/Cofee on both days)
sms WORKSHOP to 5667780 for more details or Call Sandeep Goswamy 9818181991
Early Bird Discount Rs. 600/- for bookings received before 31st July, 2009

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Residential Tarot Reading Workshop with Maa in Delhi

Announcing a new Meetup for The NewAge Foundation (India)!

What: Residential Tarot Reading Workshop with Maa in Delhi

When: August 15, 2009 10:00 AM

Price: $300.00 per person

Global Arts Village
Tropical Drive, Opp Ghitorni Metro Stn, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road
New Delhi - 30

3-day Residential Tarot Reading Workshop with Maa Gyaan Suveera

Learn to tap both the subconscious and the superconscious mind, the center of our psychic abilities.In this Workshop with Maa Gyaan Suveera you'll learn how to easily look into the cards for day to day guidance and easy predictions. You'll be taught how to meditate on the cards to dig out deeper insights and be able to do readings on your own.You'll be given sufficient exercises to practice and master this art of insight into the past present and future of beings.

A Tarot card reading helps guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, by offering a reflection of your past present and possible future, showing you a fresh perspective on your life.
A complete Workshop covering the Basic and Advance level.
Topics covered :

* Tarot as an Art of Divination
* Understanding different decks
* initiation and connecting to the cards
* standard spreads + creating spreads
* Astrology spread
* top-up Readings
* Psychic Tarot
free Agastya Muni Number Board Predictions
free Numerology tips
free set of cards,manual,pouch and a beautiful spread sheet
free elemental meditations each day
free set of crystals and candles to activate your psychic center

This residential Workshop will be conducted at ' Zorba the Buddha ', Global Arts Village in Delhi..... A beautifully landscaped place where energy just flows and takes you to the inner calm.....

Workshop contribution Rs.15,000/- inclusive of food and accommodation.
Registration details :
Vasu : 9390155551 ( between 2pm to 7pm )
you can speak to Maa Gyaan on 0-9359650738 between 8am to 9am or between 8pm to 9pm

or send us a email

About Maa Gyaan Suveera :

Maa Gyaan Suveera is a renowned Tarot reader, a Reiki Master, and the founder of the Ci Plus Meditation technique.She heads the Ki Research & Training Institute in Rishikesh, India, where more than 50 courses on Wellness and Meditation are taught under one roof. People from all parts of the globe come to learn all levels of Reiki , Crystal healing, Tarot reading ,Aura reading and a string of Indian ,western and Zen practices at her healing center in Rishikesh.She conducts Wellness and Transformation workshops at different levels all across the globe. She has been guiding people on the self-healing-path, giving love, light and peace to one and all.

Dates for the Workshop : 15th August to 17th August '09

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forthcoming Events By The NewAge Foundation

Forthcoming Events By The NewAge Foundation

Tao Of Facilitation Workshop by Kiran Gulrajani
The No.1 Program For Leaders, Facilitators, Trainers & Mentors

Reiki Level 1 Workshop by Guriya Bhullar
Learn The Holistic art Of Self Healing. Workshop For Beginners

"I Am Good Enough" Workshop by Neo Pachisia
India's 1st Astro-EFT Workshop on Raising Self Esteem

Gaiadon Heart Workshop by Sangeeta Gupta
A Uniquie Spiritual Modality

Quantum Healing by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin
Turbo Charge Your Healiing Ability & Join The League of Gifted Healers

Click on the event above for details on dates & venue. Register online

Monday, July 6, 2009

QUANTUM HEALING Level 1 - A 2 Day Workshop

Announcing a new Meetup for The NewAge Foundation (India)!

QUANTUM HEALING Level 1 - 2 Day Workshop

 July 25, 2009 10:00 AM

Venue: Sarthak Prayas
Basement, Road No. 52, House No. 38 Punjabi Bagh West, Opp Gurudwara Singh Sabha,


Learn to amplify the flow of life force energy to magnify your healing abilities

Join the league of gifted healers

Learn the secrets of aligning bones and balancing body structure at an amazing speed.

Anyone can learn this, from children to the elderly. No previous experience of any kind is necessary, although Quantum-Healing will naturally enhance the effectiveness of any other hands-on therapy. Reiki practitioners have described it as 'turbo-charging' what they do.

This may be the easiest and most valuable skill you ever learn. Everyone learns to run energy so well in a two day class, you will be able to reduce peoples pain and inflammation due to injury and actually see the skeletal structure spontaneously align itself.

From DNA to bones, all cells and systems effortlessly respond to the resonance created. All natural healing is accelerated. For both professionals and lay-people, Quantum-Touch is an invaluable tool.


You will learn a series of breathing and body awareness exercises to help you focus and amplify life-force energy. This is the core technique that is used in Quantum Healing. It is so easy and natural to learn, little children and great grandparents pick it up easily. you will too.

You will learn how to bring down pain and inflammation in record time. On its own this is an invaluable skill. It seems that there are always people in pain and it is a blessing to have something you can do to really help.

You will learn that you can observe bones automatically adjusting themselves with a light touch. (Actually, the body moves them into correct alignment, you don't have to know what's happening any more than you need to understand how you digest your breakfast.)

You will learn how to help reduce or eliminate back pain and get faster and better results than you have ever thought possible. There are dozens of chiropractors now using Quantum Healing because it is so effective.

You will learn how to use an extraordinary distant healing method to get truly outstanding results. When those you love are not near and you want to help, don't feel helpless because there is something significant you can do. Distant healing with Quantum Healing is tremendously effective.

You will learn how to amplify the power of your sessions by work with Chakras, Toning and Vortexing the life-force energy. This truly ups the power of your sessions tremendously.

You will learn to use the Amplified Resonance Technique to turbo charge your own sessions so they have a power similar to a group sessions. This is the most powerful technique presented in the basic workshop. This allows individuals to run energy as if they were a whole group of people.

You will see that you can use this modality to work with pets and other animals. It's a great joy to use this work with animals as they usually respond amazingly quickly.

Watch Testimonial Video

About the Facilitator

Dr Sandeep Bhasin is a General and cosmetic Surgeon post Graduate form A.M.U. He has worked in Surgery in various hospitals as Apollo, Batra, PSRI Hospital etc.

Dr Sandeep is trained in Pallative Cancer Care from TATA Memorial Hospital. He is one of the pioneers to use and be trained in Ozone therapy. He is also trained in advanced body works as Cranio Sacral Balancing, Visceral Manipulation etc. Presently he is also imparting trainings in these body works.

Workshop dates :  25th & 26th July. 2009
Timing : 10 AM to 5 PM (Both Days)
Workshop Fee : Rs. 4,500/- Per Participant
sms WORKSHOP to 5667780

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Am Good Enough ! - An Astro - EFT Workshop on raising Self-Esteem

Announcing a new Meetup for The NewAge Foundation (India)!

What: I Am Good Enough ! - An Astro-EFT Workshop on raising Self-Esteem

When: July 15, 2009 3:00 PM

Neo Pachisia
N - 12, Kailash Colony 2nd Floor
New Delhi
91- 9810206962

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

The feeling of being not good enough is one of the most pervasive, deeply rooted, subconscious negative beliefs most of us have. Whether we are born with this belief, or whether it is instilled in us by our childhood relationships, environment, school-it is the NGE syndrome that stops us from having what we want in life.

Other variations of 'not good enough' are, 'don't know enough', 'am not ready', 'other people are better at this,' 'I'm too old', 'too fat', 'don't deserve it' and so forth.

Why is having self esteem so important?

When we have healthy self-esteem we want more from life-better job, better relationship, are able to express our creativity and we invariably get what we want. With low self-esteem we aspire for less and therefore, get less.

The insecurity most of us experience when in a romantic relationship or within marriage comes mostly from low self-esteem. Only when we can accept and love ourselves can we believe that we are lovable and accept that another can love us. Without that self-belief, we are always uncertain and anxious about another person's love for us.

What is the one thing we unconsciously admire in celebrities, or the rich and successful? It is their self-confidence! Their belief in their own abilities and worthiness allows them to aim for the highest and the best and to get it. Self-confidence comes from having self esteem.

In relationships, men and women who have healthy self-esteem admire and want a partner/spouse who can be an equal, who can advise them, spar with them and challenge them.

In corporations and modern work environments, the employee or boss who is respected is one who is self-reliant, independent, self-confident enough to take the initiative-and this requires self-esteem.

Self-esteem is not a trait you are born with. It can be built–like a muscle, bit by bit as you feel your fear and do it anyway!

In this workshop we will:

* Explore how we feel about ourselves-and why.
* Understand why we have these negative beliefs about ourselves-cultural influence, family expectations etc.
* Tap out and erase these negative beliefs.
* Implant positive self-beliefs.

PS. If you have been suffering the NGE syndrome for years, it won't disappear in one session (you didn't get to be like this in one day or month) but this session will help you see endless possibilities of who and what you can be.

About The Facilitator - Neo Pachisia

Neo is a Shamanic and Psychological Astrologer with Diplomas from Liz Greene's Centre of Psychological Astrology and the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, UK. She is one of only two people in the world to have both the Diplomas and has been practicing since 1995. She is also an astrology lecturer and tutor.

Neo is an Advanced (level 3) EFT Practitioner (AAMET Registered) and gives EFT workshops in India.

She has recently moved from Hampstead, London to New Delhi, after having lived in the in the USA and UK since 1992. She has also trained in and is a Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (NY) and Huna (Hawaii), Jin Shin Jyutsu (UK).

"Yes, I agree it does seem like I was a course junkie but all my learning is in the healing field and my Intention is to heal using whatever method and technique I know." - Neo Pachisia

She has been practicing Astrology since 1995 in the USA and UK & meridian therapies in the UK since 2000. She has an extensive base of clients in UK, USA, India and other parts of the world.

Testimonials From Clients

Timing : 3 PM ~ 6 PM
Workshop Fee : Rs. 695/- per head
sms WORKSHOP to 5667780 to Register

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