Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liiberates others."

- Marianne Williamson

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Between extreme particles is a center point of light. Between extreme emotions is the center point of love. The center point is what every human being already is, yet elusively still seeks. True love is our ultimate objective, whether we're aware of it or not. We may think we are looking for something else, something material and fleeting, but even the pursuit of transient goals just leads us back to the truth of love. The purpose of all relationships is to dissolve the barriers that keep us from recognizing the love that already is and expressing the love we ultimately are.

Every human being you'll ever have a relationship with will at times be nice and mean, supportive and challenging, pleasureful and painful, attractive and repulsive. The purpose of a relationship isn't happiness; it's a combination of happiness and sadness, which makes up fulfillment.

If we seek happiness, we're only looking for half-fulfillment and if we seek sadness, we're looking for the other half-fulfillment. When we look for fulfillment, we appreciate both sides.

Don't you have times in your relationship when you're happy and times when you are sad? If you think something is wrong with your relationship because you have sadness half the time, you're missing out on the bigger picture, because that's the way it is designed. The sadness just means your buttons are being pushed and you are seeing the parts of yourself that you haven't loved yet.

Buttons are nothing but lopsided perceptions and people come into your life as teachers to point them out to you. The ones who push your buttons the most are your greatest teachers. If you can bring your lopsided perceptions back into balance, you'll appreciate them as your teacher; if you can't, you'll blame them for being a button pusher.

As you grow in wisdom, you'll learn to embrace and love others for who they are, looking for the benefits they offer you and knowing that they represent parts of you that you have buried or disowned. Wisdom means thanking others for bringing to your awareness those areas where you have lied and not loved, and for being grateful that they have given you the opportunity to love.

Your relationship with others are simply mirrors of your relationship with yourself. Anything you have loved in yourself you can embrace in the world. Inside every person is an overwhelming desire to fully express their divinity, the absolute spirit of love that they have and are. Sometimes we go through life and bang our heads against the wall because we can't figure out how to express our divinity. We rationalize and lie to ourselves that it's not meant to be, that we don't know what is, that we don't really want it or we're satisfied the way we are. The only thing that truly satisfies the soul is love and appreciation, and when we feel and express these feelings, we feel fulfilled.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Innocence is the base of all spirituality

If one is like a child, many things happen, because one is open, vulnerable, soft, sensitive, and one is innocent.

Innocence is the base of all spirituality. The moment you think you know, you are no more a child. You are closed. Knowledge kills and poisons. Innocence opens you and makes you alive. That's
why Jesus goes on saying 'If you are like children, only then – and only then – will you be able to enter into the kingdom of God'.

A child has nothing to do with age. Childhood is a state. You can be old and yet a child. You can be a child and yet old. Childhood is a certain attitude deep inside you, of your being ready to learn; that from wherever and whatsoever source life comes, you will be ready to receive; that in your heart there is a deep welcome; that you are not afraid; that you are not yet crippled by knowledge, information; that you are still in a flow and not frozen.

The art of remaining a child forever is to never collect. When the moment is gone, leave it. Don't collect the past and then you are never old. You are born every second again and again and again.

It is a constant rebirth... a riverlike flow of rebirth. You are renewed, resurrected. Die to the past every moment so it is no more a hangup and is not a burden on your head and on your heart, so that it does not hang like a rock around your neck. Go on dying to the past so you become more and more available to the present. Childhood is a state of consciousness, of purity, of uncorruption, of uncontamination.

  ~ Osho ~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

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"The power of God is with you at all times; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument."

- Lord Krishna in The Bhagwad Gita

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Monday, August 18, 2008

On Realizing Eternal Peace of the Real Self - Ramana Maharishi

Realization is nothing to be gained anew.

You are the Self.
You are already and eternally That.

There is never a moment when the Self is not; it is ever-present,
here and now.

If Realization were something to be gained hereafter, there would be an equal chance of its being lost; this cannot be Liberation, which is eternal.

Realization consists of getting rid of the false idea that one is not realized.

Self-inquiry directly leads to Self-realization by removing the obstacles which make you think that the Self is not already realized.

Investigate the nature of the mind and it will disappear.

When the mind has thus vanished, you realize eternal Peace.

When the mind, turning inward, inquires, "Who am I?" and reaches the heart, that which is "I" (the ego) sinks crestfallen, and the One (Self) appears of its own accord as "I - I." Though it appears thus, it is not the ego; it is the Whole.

It is the real Self.

Ramana Maharshi

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When friends offer advice, one should listen carefully....

If friends did not accept one's advice, one should not feel offended but be able to allow others to have freedom in their decision. Nobody in fact follows anybody else because the final decision has to be taken by the person himself. Even if one follows one s friend's advice, if things went wrong, the blame could not be put on the friend because it was one s own decision ultimately.
When friends offered advice, one should listen carefully....

One of the great things to be learned is listening. Listen very silently. Just don't listen indifferently. Don't listen as if you want them to stop and you are just listening to be polite because they are your friends. It is better in that case to tell them not to say anything because you are not in the mood to listen.
But if you are listening, really listen, be open, because they may be right.

And even if they are wrong, listening to them will enrich you. You will know more sides of the same thing, more viewpoints, and it is always good to learn. So listen well but always decide on your own.

Once a person has this relative understanding and drops absolute nonsense, things become very clear and easy. Otherwise people are very absolutistic. They think in terms of absolutes: this is truth and whatsoever is against it, is wrong. This has crippled the whole earth -- Hindus and Mohammedans and Christians fighting because everybody claims the absolute truth. Nobody has any claim on it. It is nobody's monopoly.

Truth is vast. Infinite are its facets and infinite are the ways to know it. And whatsoever we know is limited; it is just a part.

Never claim for the part as if it is the whole and then you will never be in trouble. Watch every word that you speak. Our language is such, our ways of speaking are such, that knowingly, unknowingly, we make absolute statements. Never do that. Use 'perhaps' more. Hesitate more. Use 'maybe', 'perhaps' more, and allow the other every freedom to decide on his own.

Try it for one month. You will have to be very alert, because it is a deep-rooted habit, but if one is alert it can be dropped. Then you will see that arguments drop and then there is no need to defend. And always remember that it is possible that tomorrow you may think something was wrong, but you have changed.

That's why I say that repentance is impossible. The person who committed it is not the person who is repenting. They are two different moments, absolutely atomic and unconnected. So there is no point in repenting. There is no point in thinking again and again about the past. What has happened has happened. Whatsoever you think now is not the point.

So each moment has its own validity. No other moment can cancel it. You cannot cancel the past. Whatsoever you did in that moment was right in that moment. It was meant to be so. It was all that could happen and it happened; otherwise was not possible. You being you it was going to happen that way. So now there is no point in crying and weeping and repenting over it. Now you are more experienced. Next time remain alert so that the old thing is not repeated, that's all.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Give Up Our Power When We AGREE With Their Criticisms - Pamela Gregory

No one can DIMINISH you other than you.

Criticism is everywhere. We do it to ourselves, sometimes on a daily, if not hourly basis. We do it to others, and of course, others do it to us. Why do we beat ourselves up? Because it's something we've always done? Why do others tear us down? So they can be right, by making us wrong? So they can feel superior? Ever really think about it?

The focus of today's message is to become aware of how we give up our power to others. No one can take your power away unless YOU let them. You DECIDE what degree you will allow your father's, mother's, sister's, brother's, spouse's, lover's, significant others, in-laws, out-laws, friend's, neighbors, bosses, co-workers (did I leave anyone out?) criticisms affect you!

The ONLY way their words can HURT YOU is if you AGREE with WHAT they are saying. If you do not agree with their criticisms and insults, they have NO POWER OVER YOU! You GIVE THEM the power to HURT YOU only if you agree. Consider the source they are coming from. People who constantly look for something wrong with others is only a reflection of their own lack of self-worth and self-hatred. When others aren't happy with themselves, they want to make others feel "less than" so they will feel superior.

Bear in mind that almost all of our negative and positive programming was ingrained in us by the time we were three years old. Understanding that inside all of us is still a hurt, little child. DECIDE to stop rerunning those old tapes that keeps us stuck in fear, doubt, self-loathing, and what I call "not good enough-itis!" "Not good enough-it is" is a rampant condition in our world that has no reason for existence. We are simply choosing a THOUGHT that confirms a belief about us, but it is only a BELIEF and CAN be changed. Realizing this will help you rise above it. You ARE more than "good enough" to have everything, and be everything, in your life you desire. You are a unique and perfect being of love. SEE yourself in this way because it is true! Give yourself permission to have the life you deserve and are WORTHY of.

So please, forgive others for criticizing you (remember we are all victims of victims) and then forgive yourself for taking over where they left off. Forgiveness is a tremendously healing act. Just ask those who have done it.

If I may make a suggestion, try implementing a "no criticize zone" in your home, and workplace if possible. Here's the only rule: You aren't allowed to criticize yourself, or anyone else for anything, and the same rule applies to others you live and work with. I've mentioned this before and it makes a tremendous difference. Try it and see. I guarantee you will feel an increase in peace, harmony, and love around you.

A Side Note For Parents:
As parents, when we try to mold our children into responsible and caring adults, we see it as "constructive criticism." Our intention is to help them become the best they can be, and isn't it easy to find ways they can improve or become better? If they would just try harder, get better grades, be neater, more caring, more loving, more this, more that…THEN they would be "perfect!" And doesn't that reflect nicely on us, their proud parents? That is, until we find another something else to "correct" that we are all too ready to point out in our quest to "help them" become their best. Do our children ever reach the potential we BELIEVE they have in them? Who are we to decide? As parents, we feel it is our job, our obligation, to point out ways our children can improve. But in reality, our one obligation to our children is to love them unconditionally for who they are. Our intention may be pure, honorable and justified, but as we point out all our "self-improvement" tips to our children, guess what they hear? They hear, "You're not good enough." "We'd love you more if you were this way." "Your life is such a mess!" Criticism is what they hear! As adults today, we should know, for those tapes from our youth are STILL running through our minds. Again, all they (or anyone) wants or needs is unconditional love. Be encouraging, loving and supportive of your children and watch them shine.

I hope you'll think about the impact criticism has had on your life. Harsh words have no power over you unless you ALLOW them to. Take back your power and self respect by loving and accepting yourself today onward.

I'll repeat it one more time. No one can DIMINISH you other than you. No one determines your worth but YOU...

Sending all of you my LOVE ALWAYS~

Friday, August 8, 2008

I am simply sharing my understanding.

I am simply sharing my understanding.
That is my happiness: to share it.
It is your happiness whether you take it or not that is irrelevant to me. Even if you are not here, even if nobody is here, even if I am sitting alone. I will be still sharing my happiness with the tree and the rock.
In fact, to say that I am sharing it is not right. It is being shared.
To say that I am sharing it, makes it wrong
as if I am doing something to share it.
No, it is being shared.

A flower has bloomed and the perfume is spreading.
Not that the flower is sharing it; the flower cannot help but share.
The fragrance is on the wings, moving, going far away.
Whether somebody will be able to fill his being
with that fragrance or not is not a question for the flower.
It has flowered, and that's all the flower is happy
that it has bloomed. The flower is happy because it is fulfilled,
and fulfillment spreads a fragrance all around.

It is just like when you kindle a lamp. and the light spreads.
Not that the lamp is trying to share its light, what else can it do? It has to be so. Not that the light is waiting for somebody to come and enjoy it.
If nobody comes, it is all the same.
If many come, that too is the same.


Monday, August 4, 2008

The confusion is arising because you are continuously after yourself.

Whatsoever is, is. Accept it -- that's all I am saying!

Can't relate -- perfectly good! What is the need to relate?

Drop the whole idea of it and suddenly you will see that things are beautiful and there is no confusion. The confusion is arising because you are continuously after yourself.

... There is nothing to miss! And there is nothing to gain! That which you have to gain is already there. If you relax, you will find it; if you remain tense, you will not find it.

It is not something that you can miss.

Whatsoever you do, you cannot miss it. It is your nature -- how can you miss it?

It is as if a fish becomes worried that she may miss the ocean, and she is in the ocean! She drives herself crazy -- worried that she may miss the ocean -- and becomes neurotic and has to go to a psychiatrist.

How can you miss the ocean?!

There is nothing to miss, nothing to gain. You already have that which you need, and you will never have that which you don't need.

Be simple and accept whatsoever is, and float!



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