Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tap In To The Power Of Your Subconcious Mind!

Mind Power - Tap In to The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Author: Delton Doucet

Your subconscious mind is your emotional source where your memories are stored and your conscious mind is the nerve center of your desires as well as the overseer of the subconscious mind. To control your mind power is to control your life.

Your subconscious mind is your emotional source where your memories are stored and your conscious mind is the nerve center of your desires as well as the overseer of the subconscious mind. To control your mind power is to control your life.

In other words, the conscious mind is the leader and protects and the subconscious mind follows and trusts.

When these two are in complete harmony your entire mind is functioning at full capacity that will be productive, healthy and creative but when they are not in harmony you could go into full melt down mode if you are not careful.

Your personal reality is created when your beliefs are transmitted by the conscious mind into the subconscious mind and seeded with desire to have that thing for which you thought about to become a reality. When your thoughts or beliefs are manifested into reality you will truly see the mind power you can control. The power of the mind is truly a powerful force.

When you accept something to be true this is when your subconscious takes over. It accepts it also to be true and then starts to create the conditions around you to make it true. It does not matter if you are having thoughts of wealth and success or lack and poverty, the conscious mind is accepts your thoughts and the subconscious goes to work to make those thoughts a reality.

Your thoughts control your events in your life. Whatever thoughts you put out either positive or negative that is what you will receive in return.

That is why it is so important to try and maintain control of your thoughts each day, have them focused on the life you wish to have so that your conscious mind transmits this to your subconscious mind to start the actions necessary to make these thoughts a reality.

By tapping into your subconscious mind power you can manifest your thoughts into the reality in which you desire to have.

Now how you make use of this powerful information will make the difference in the change you will bring about in your life. You determine your future and the results you will see will be determined by the thoughts you put forth into your mind. When you take the time and focus on your thoughts you will soon realize that your choice of thoughts is in direct correlation of your reality.

You must be in full charge of your thoughts to be in full control your reality and by changing your negative thoughts and replacing those with positive thoughts will allow you to tap into your subconscious mind power.

Remember like attracts like and once you have taken positive control of your circumstances positive changes in your life will follow suit. This is putting the law of attraction to work for you.

It takes intense desire on your part to cause positive change in your life and now knowing that these changes are possible though controlling your thoughts, having an intense desire with a positive attitude and a daily effort on your part your wishes will come true.

Remember, control your mind power and control your life.


Radha Suresh

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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When asked how he would get better having defeated the best in the world, the world champion said, "it has never been about me and my opponent, it has always been about me against myself. When I win, beating the opponent becomes a byproduct".

Monday, April 28, 2008

Inspiring way!


For This Senior Citizen, Life Starts At 60...

At 69, RG Desai got his law degree, he then wrote five books, now he's off
to the US to study the Vedas.

Retirement comes in with an unhealthy load of fear. Retirement and old age
become synonymous with life's full-stop. nd with full-stops come endings.

But there are people who, like old wine, get better with age. A testimony to
this is RG Desai whose life began at 82, and he has walked through the
wonderland of post-retirement gracefully.

For those of you who perceive retirement as a doomsday of sorts, take a cue
from Desai's recent book: The Best Is Yet To Be - the title is inspired by a
Robert Browning poem Rabbi Ben Ezra.

Desai's agile gait and alert gaze belies his age, and not only has he
authored five books - mainly on India's ancient wisdom, but he also attended
the Government Law College at the age of 69.

Ask him if he felt awkward to be the oldest student in college and he quips:
"When I entered the classroom I was mistaken for a lecturer. Young students
thumped their desks and gave me a hearty welcome. But teachers weren't too
happy to have me as a student. They were always out of their depth with my
barrage of questions." His fought his first case for a friend in the High
Court, and he is presently dedicated to taking up public causes. "I'm taking
up cases concerning customer- unfriendly practices followed by banks and the
hostility of public hospitals toward poor patients," he says.

His quest for knowledge didn't end with a law degree. At 82, he is all set
to visit the Indology Department at Harvard University in the US.

"The department has a library dealing with the study of ancient India, and I
want to work on the Vedas," he says.

While most senior citizens worry about money, Desai has a simple recipe to
handle finances in his twilight years.

"All your working life you should build up resources in such a way that you
do not have to depend on your children or society for money, and liberate
yourself from the need to make a living," he says. Follow this recipe says
Desai and when you're at the threshold of old age, you can quote Robert
Browning, and sing the lines John Lennon wrote: "Grow Old with me. The best
is yet to be. Face the setting sun, when the day is done…."

10 Commandments For Living Happily:

  - Use your time wisely
  - Enjoy by giving
  - Learn to understand death
  - Add value to your life
  - Simplify your life
  - Keep learning
  - Set new goals
  - Reach your full potential
  - Stay involved, stay detached
  - Find new roles


Radha Suresh

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