Monday, September 17, 2012

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Money Workshop is your Wake-Up Call for Money. A Perfect Time to look into your life and find out if all is well in your Money World.

You maybe having some Money Problems, Huge Debts, Scarcity of Money, Money Losses, Bad Investments, Losses in the Share Market, Huge Expenses, Business Losses, Stuck Money, Stuck Land/Properties, Court Case, No Job, Poor Savings, VRS, Business not doing well because of Recession and Competition etc. This creates Frustration, Confusion and Depression making us Aimless/Directionless.

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We are a New Delhi (India) based organization committed to spreading awareness on the power of the self, mind and consciousness. We do so by offering a variety of different holistic modalities for an individual to chose from. Our services include empowerment workshops, meditations, training programs, holistic retail and much more.  Along with the individual, we cater to a variety of different groups including corporations, educational Institutes and more recently luxury spas. We are currently exploring the possibilities of starting our movement in all parts of India as part of our efforts to reach out to individuals from all walks of life.. Our aim is to provide you with quality education, support and guidance throughout your journey as a healer. You may be new to this field or are an already existing Healer practitioner who wants to further develop their skills, this might just be for you! With a wide range of courses, private sessions and tuition, We offers many avenues to help you discover and realize your potential & discover what is hidden in you! We also organize Meditation Camps and Spiritual Retreats, Courses on Reiki, EFT, NLP, Meditation, Mind Power, Theta Healing, Karuna Reiki, Quantum Touch, Cranio Sacral Balancing, ReBirthing, Tarot, Feng-Shui, I-Ching, Vastu, Aromacology, Energy Healing, Ayurveda and other Alternative Healing Methods.


Angel Healing Therapy - By Anjali Chawla

Angel Therapy is a powerfully effective and safe healing modality that helps you release fears or other emotional blocks, recieve guidance about your life purpose and other issues and heal your body and life.
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This beautiful dispensation is channelled by Kelvin Khemery from Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron; the keepers of Arkashic records and protectors of the Tree of Life. In this new age healing modality, you connect to the inner plane avatars, masters and angels through their personal keys in form of 36 Melchizedek Symbols

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You Are FREE to be FREE! Workshop By Sheetal Jain

This workshop will open your eyes to your realself; will help you in connecting with yourself. It will help you in finding the never ending love in your life. It will answer your questions like why are you going through difficult times? What is your purpose of being here? After this workshop, you will not ask why the hell I am going through so much, after this workshop; you will embrace life with open arms.

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