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Short Workshops on Bach Flower Remedies By Veronique Robert

Short Workshops on Bach Flower Remedies  By Veronique Robert

Each Workshop 3 Hours Duration, no previous knowledge required.

Fee : Rs. 3000/- Per Head

1. Pregnancy and Childbirth

Without a doubt, the surge of hormones during pregnancy is responsible for a variety of emotional ups and downs as well as physical symptoms and disturbances. The Bach Flower remedies can be of help right from the start, enabling you to put those niggling doubts and fears into perspective before they have a chance to grow out of proportion and spoil what should otherwise be nine months of happy fulfilment. The remedies offer a gentle means of relieving negative attitudes, and because they are prepared from flowers and trees, none of them poisonous, they provide a harmless, non-habit forming system of healing very beneficial to pregnant women and babies.

2. Growing up with the Bach Flowers (special for kids and teenagers)

Growth and development will be considered, together with the various milestones and stages, which potentially – and usually invariably – cause an upheaval of one sort or another. Therefore the emphasis will be on the difficulties associated with growing up because this is when the remedies will be needed the most. The flower essences will not alter the child's basic constitution, but instead, bring about a return in equilibrium when the child is upset, unsettled or unwell. 

3. Animal Lovers: How to use the Bach Flower remedies with your pets

How the Bach Flower can help animals of all shapes and sizes. The remedies can be used to treat dogs, cats, horses – all animals, whether in the home, on the farm or in the wild. The remedies can help your pets in exactly the same way they help you and your family. The key is trying to see the situation from your pet's point of view.

4. Bach Flowers for Gardeners

The health and well being of plant-life is generally confined to the auspices of gardening manuals, and the idea of treating a plant medicinally, and in particular emotionally, may appear to be a little strange. But plants, like all living creatures, are part of Nature and so they too have an inner Life Force, which responds to the healing energies that Nature yields. Although plants are usually the providers of medicines for the ills of mankind, Nature works both ways. They who give shall also receive!

5. Bach Flowers for Menopause

Menopause is often approached with dread: Over the years I have heard all matters of worries expressed by my patients: Will I lose my libido, will I get hairy and grow a moustache, will my face collapse and lines appears all over it like a railway junction – or worse will my man lose interest in me? Change is the key word and this period in a woman's life demands great adjustment. The remedies are there to help you during this period.

6. Challenging Times: Getting balanced in an unbalanced world (Stress management for the corporate)

In these very demanding times, people find themselves not only following a demanding carrier, but also running a home and bringing up a young family as well. This situation has the potential to be extremely stressful, if the children are ill, for example, or the house is in need of repair. Everything begins to mount up, one's ability to cope comes into question, tension rises and tempers are easily ignited. That's the right time to look for some Bach Flower remedies to overcome the trials and tribulations and restore emotional balance.

Certificate of attendance will be provided from The NewAge Foundation for each of the above workshops.

To organise above workshops for groups of minimum 8 participants & above please contact us on the following numbers or email us

Sandeep Goswamy 9818181991 or Kavita Rathod 9820957982

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