Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hi from Thailand :-)

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A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation

Dear Seekers,

Today we are on the last day of the Osho NeoReiki, TaiChi & QiGong Retreat here at Eravan Lake Resort at Kanchanaburi Thailand. It was a diverse mix of participants coming from Thailand, Malaysia and India but today we are more like a small family. Everyone is leaving tomorow with amazing experiences. I am sitting in my room reflecting back on the Last few days that went by in a jiffy and feeling an immense satisfaction, joy and gratitude for the participants and Swami Dhyan Nikhil for creating a beautiful energy space here.

most of all my heart is full of gratitude for my Thai partners Nisachon and Kantipong who hosted us with so much care and warmth and made the experience so beautiful that I am already looking forward to the next event here...

Love and light to all of you

Sandeep Goswamy

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