Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Smith Ahmed from Ghana; I will like to introduce to you a profitable business that can change our lives. My boss wants to purchase chemical/animal drugs from India and India is only place we can get it.

I will like to work with you, so you can buy the Animal drugs from the local dealer in India and sell to my boss at a very high price. The local dealer is selling the chemical at the rate of $35,000 dollars per one liter Gallon and my boss will buy it from you at the rate of $65,000 dollars per one liter. After the business we will share the profit we make from the business.

If you are interested, I will forward full contact of my boss to you, so that you can contact him for more discussion regarding the business and I will still give you the contact of the local dealer in India to make contact with him...

I wait for your reply.

Mr. Smith Ahmed
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