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The Wounded Warrior and the Goddess -- two powerful female archetypes.

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The Wounded Warrior and the Goddess -- two powerful female archetypes.


There are many types of women in our society, but the one that cries out for the healing the loudest is the Wounded Female Warrior. You long to transform yourself into the Goddess, even though you might not use those words to describe your longing.


Who is the Wounded Warrior?


The Wounded Warrior is powerful, independent, self-reliant and successful -- because you have to be. Yet, you resent all of the responsibility and obligation that goes with your role. You are the only one around who can get things done, and get things done fast enough and perfectly enough. You are bitter (at least inwardly) toward men, who you believe get all the breaks, but do little of the real work. You see men as the weaker sex, responding emotionally and acting illogically - when they act at all. Long ago, you let go of the fantasy of a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming.
You respect other female Warriors, yet have no tolerance for "weaker" females who don't carry the Warrior's sword. You are, or were, a good wife and good a mother, protecting and providing for your family. Yet you express even these roles through the stance of a warrior.
You are tired of fighting. You displayed your battle wounds proudly in the past, but have now grown bored with conquest. Your armor is heavy and you long to remove it for good. You long for the Goddess within you; yet believe you couldn't survive without your Warrior's sword.


Let me introduce you to -- the power of the Goddess.


Who is the Goddess?


The Goddess is quite simply -- the embodiment of the Divine in a female body. She is discerning and acts with integrity. She has a core of inner peace that is unshakable. The Goddess radiates an energy that is so powerfully beautiful, loving and soft, that others are drawn to her like a magnet. She may have been a Wounded Warrior at one time, but she has healed her wounds. She has released the anger, pain, fear, guilt and judgment. She has let go of feelings of betrayal and abandonment. She has replaced those lower-vibrational emotions with compassion and joy. She has transformed her limiting beliefs, attitudes, and thought patterns into a loving allowance for all to be as they are. She has no need to change anybody, for she sees the Divine in all beings. She understands that any attack is simply a demonstration of fear. She remembers fear, and yet knows how to neutralize it with her unlimited flow of love.


The Wounded Warrior and the Goddess -- two powerful female archetypes.


One tired and wounded; one radiant and healed. How did the Warrior get wounded? And how can she transform herself into the Goddess? To answer these questions, you must first understand how energy moves in humans.


Author : Suzzana Kennedy

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