Monday, April 4, 2011

Money & Spirituality

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A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation

Dear Friends,

The "Money & Spirituality" Debate has received an amazing response from you all.

Thank You, Thank you & Thank You :-)

Lot of you expressed lot of interesting insights and many emotions came up. Its interesting how by discussing and debating something in a constructive manner, so much learning can happen. The debate comes to an end on 5th April at midnight.

If you have been thinking of participating and have not done it so far, Now is the time to put your thinking caps on get down to put your thoughts on the discussion board.

This is also a reminder to the Money Workshop on this weekend at Delhi. Those of you who have attended it before are welcome to come back and relive the magic at a fraction of the cost. Those of you who haven't, DO NOT MISS the opportunity at any cost!

I will share my own experience about this program. In the year 2004 I was pushed by a friend from Mumbai to attend this program and without knowing anything about the contents and trusting the friend I went all the way to Mumbai to attend it. Friends life has not been the same ever since.

I came back to Delhi with a amazing clarity about Money, Spirituality and Life on the whole. I changed my career and now I do something I enjoy doing immensely. Its not work any more and Money is just an effortless by product and not something I run after.

I started The NewAge Foundation also as a result of this workshop to be a instrument of change for people who need a change in their lives. Now whatever I do is aimed at changing lives... one life at a time and this has been possible only because of the transformation I underwent myself at The Money Workshop. Its not MONEY that this workshop is about.. Its about LIFE!

This is one program where we happily give a MONEY BACK Guaranty :-) So dear friends TRUST ME and DO IT If you haven't done is so far.

You can book your seat on this link by just paying a token advance and pay the balance at the venue:-

We welcome you to come with your family and there are special offers for couples also. Children below 16 Years age can accompany parents for only Rs. 1500 per head.

I sincerely wish every one of you to experience the magic of this 2 days and change your life.

Love & Light

Sandeep Goswamy

You will find the details of the workshop at the link below:-

Visit The NewAge Foundation at:

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