Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation


Dear NewAge Seekers


I hope that you are aware about our incredible new campaign for new members joining our ever growing community of NewAgers :-) We are going to give away a free seat in one of our workshops to ONE lucky winner EVERY WEEK !


The winner will be chosen through a lucky draw and from new members joining in the particular week and declared every week till the campaign runs. All those new members who joined after midnight of 13th May onwards will be eligible for the draw.


I urge you to invite all those you care about and help them to avail this wonderful opportunity to change their lives... You never know who's life you could be touching at the deepest level by making these life changing programs available to them.


There is a link that says "INVITE" on the top right side next to "FRIENDS" where you can click and invite your friends to join this growing community of NewAge Seekers


We are open to suggestions and inputs to make this place what you want it to be.. Please feel free to write to me your feedback and help us to create a vibrant community of like minds..


Love & Light


Sandeep Goswamy


Visit The NewAge Foundation at:

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