Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Invitation To "AtmaLinga Abhishekam & Chakra- Devta Avaahan " With Nishant

On the Auspicious day of Maha Shivratri Join us for another channeled meditation session with Nishant (Channel for the Saptarishis)

Experience Divine transformation in the presence of the Saptarishis &  as they perform the "AtmaLinga Abhishekam & Chakra- Devta Avaahan "

AtmaLinga Abhishekam is the term used to describe to the process of Purification, Invocation & Awakening the Divine "SHIV TATVA" present in each one of us.Masters say that it is the element of observation, a part of our own soul which is always observing the world (both inside and outside world) around us. By invoking this energy we become intune with our inner self & outer self, thereby balancing the two, which in essence is ONE WHOLE ENERGYONLY!!!

As everything in the physical realm has an equivalent Energetic blueprint which is the source of its creation, similarly the Etheric blueprint of the river Ganges is called "Akash Ganga".

Just you pour Ganga jal over shivling on shiv ratri, on this rare occasion the Saptarishis will themselves perform the ceremony of Inviting the consciousness of the Akash Ganga with Vedic mantra's and request her to perform a divine atma-linga abhishekam,  thereby Raising our consciousness and helping us in our Divine awakening to become AWAKE

**Also the Rishis will perform a ceremony with Vedic Mantras of the various Deities and inviting them in each of our 7 chakras enabling the divine transformative energy to be carried into the core of our being.

In the last channeld Shamballa light meditation session with Nishant, the saptarishis said that 'As we move into the higher dimension we have to move from the Ego based Consciousness to a Heart centered Consciousness and as we move closer to our divine nature, we will catalyze the process of this Divine awakening in others too by our mere presence'.

To help us move one step closer to this divine nature of our inner self/soul/higher self/Atman we need to keep purifying our Mind and Energies which is what is small ceremony is all about.


(Pay as per your feeling How much the divine session is worth for)

DAY: 10-MARCH'13@ 6PM - 8PM

Call Devashish on 9999979978 For Registration

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