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Ways To Wellness - A Holistic Wellness Seminar By The NewAge Faculty

Intelligent Holistic Wellness...... Naturally!
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The NewAge Inc.
We are a New Delhi (India) based organization committed to spreading awareness on the power of the self, mind and consciousness. We do so by offering a variety of different holistic modalities for an individual to chose from. Our services include empowerment workshops, meditations, training programs, holistic retail and much more.

BioField Global Research Inc. is involved in research & marketing of all types of BioField enhancing products, devices & processes. Our aim is to enhance & optimize the energetic potential of the human organism. We are the exclusive distributers in India for  "Resonant Field Imaging™ - Aura & Brain Imaging System " from Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM) a US based company. BioField Global is founded by the following individuals who are passionate about energy medicine.

We are delighted to invite you to a unique event designed to introduce you the world of Holistic Wellness (Mind, Body & Soul Integration)

Allopathic medicine has failed to halt disease In fact when we look at cause of death, properly prescribed, properly administered (in hospital) pharmaceutical agents, ranks as No. 4 behind strokes, cancer and heart disease.

Modern medicine or allopathic medicine is now facing the need for a total paradigm shift in its thinking – as deep a shift as the one that occurred when bacteria were first shown to be the agents of infectious diseases, and not 'bad air'. Years of treating sickness and symptoms rather than promoting wellness and finding causes have led to an urgent need for all of us to take greater responsibility for our health. We need to move from a 'sickness/curative' view to a 'wellness/preventative' view of what we do.

Wellness is different to health. 'Health' is what we see or feel. We may feel and look healthy but could be harbouring cancer or heart disease. 

This two day seminar will introduce you to various Holistic Wellness practices, concepts & devices

Day 1 - Three modules of 2 Hours each as follows

  1. Sheetal Jain Speaks about the subject “Freedom From Pain & Suffering” A Spiritual Approach To Living A Happy & Healthy life
  2. Rakhee Chaturvedi Speaks about the Subject “ The Mind – Body Connection In Wellness” A mindful approach to holistic Wellness
  3. International Speaker Jane Kirby Speaks about how we can Heal Ourselves to Heal Our World – A Compassionate & Empathetic approach to Holistic Wellness & Global Health

 Day 2 - Three Modules of 2 Hours each as follows

  1. Nishant Sharma Co-Founder of BioField Global Resarch Inc. talks about the Human BioEnergy Field, Aura & How it is an indicator of our state of holistic wellness followed by a live demonstration of Resonant Field Imaging™ - Aura & Brain Imaging System from USA
  2. Sandeep Goswamy Founder of The NewAge Foundation & talks about the Magnetic Resonance Stimulation as a energetic approach to wellness vs the chemical approach followed by a demonstration of the World’s No.1 Wellness device the iMRS from Germany.
  3. Rajesh Kumar speaks about Nutritional approach to Health & Wellness and introduces certain  super foods & supplements

Seminar Fee for The Full 2 Days Seminar: Rs. 2000 Per Head (Members of Any CENTER affiliated to the NewAge Wellness World are welcome to attend this seminar FREE of charge)

Seats are limited and registration is open on 1st Come basis.

Registration: Call Devashish on  9999979978

Heal Your Self Heal Your World - 5 Day Retreat With Jane Kirby

February 16, 2013 at 9am to February 20, 2013 at 6pm –Spring Valley Resorts - Bhagsunag, Mcleodganj

"Heal Yourself, Heal Your World" is a personal break though program designed to assist people in making the most positive and effective shifts within themselves and within their life. In a profound let relatively short period of time, Participants attending this 5 Day Retreat will be invited to take an exploratory journey into the workings of our subconscious mind and come to understand why our subconscious like to keep us stuck and how we can break free of painful cycles and unhappy stories in our lives.


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