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Come join me at Heal With Numbers - Basic Numerology Course By Depikka on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Heal With Numbers - Basic Numerology Course By Depikka' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Heal With Numbers - Basic Numerology Course By Depikka" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Heal With Numbers - Basic Numerology Course By Depikka Time: January 19, 2013 from 9:30am to 6pm
Location: My Healing Temple - NewAge Wellness World (Saket)
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:

BASIC COURSE IN NUMEROLOGY Pursue your passion for Numerology with this one day course, at your own pace. The best way to become a Numerology expert is to work hard, but also to let the mystery of numbers reveal themselves to you at their own pace.
Unlike other subject courses that require longer study periods, the basics of numerology are simple to learn. To make it even easier for you we have created an easy to learn Numerology course for the absolute beginner up to experienced. This course can be followed and learnt by absolutely anyone.  This course attempts to explain the basics of this fascinating subject and teaches the student how to change the course of your life. To change the letters in your name to numbers which will then reveal so much more about your character and hidden potential. 
At the end of session you will be able to produce and understand-The Structure of  numbers, Lucky number, Enemy numbers, Friendly numbers, Numbers and planets, Friendship between numbers and planets, Characteristics of numbers, The favourable and adverse colors, metals, medicines, vocation, finance, relationships, directions and stones etc. for numbers, Analysis of auspicious and inauspicious, dates, months, years etc. according to numbers. Importance of numbers in queries, Vehicles, buildings, journey and business etc.,
All course materials are provided
Depikka Guptaa, Jyotish Visharad, is expert in the field of astrological consultancy services, numerology  and vastu shastra.  Over the years she has been guiding many people who have come to her for astrological consultancy. Specializing in predicting on the major events of ones life like Marriage, Rectification of Birth Charts / Horoscopes, Profession, Education, Financial Stability, Progeny, Health, Relationships/ Love Life,  Travel, Gains & Fulfillment of Desire, Investments, Stock Markets, Inheritance, Early settlement of life, Spiritualism, Astral Remedies and every other  aspects  of life.   She has a good command over predictive astrology, used the horary system to the perfection, name changing and vastu remedies.
Depikka works with complete dedication and gives her best judgments to guiding people around the globe who are in need of astrological help when the things are not moving smoothly, as the main aim of her life is to help people in planning their future so that they take the steps in right direction.
Course Fee : Rs. 4,500 (1st 5 registrations @ Rs. 4000)
Registration Call Sandeep 9818181991

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