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Dynamic Balancing Sessions …. With Ritambhara & Evgeniy

Involves Deep Tissue Therapy and Vibration Healing

First purify the Body-- purify it of all repressions. Allow the body energy to flow, remove the blocks. It is very difficult to come across a person who has no blocks. Loosen this blocks, this tightness, this tension is blocking your Energy, the flow cannot be possible with this tension! 

Why is everybody so uptight? why can't you relax? have you seen a cat sleeping? How simply and beautifully the cat relaxes. can't you relax the same way? The beauty of cat's relaxation is that it relaxes utterly and yet is perfectly alert. A slight movement in the room and it will open its eyes. It is not that it is just asleep. the cat's sleep is something to be learned; man has forgotten!        ~~~ OSHO

We work towards increasing the Awareness towards your body!

Now, our lifestyle may be cumbersome and tiring. Now, you cannot change your daily chores and work schedules but WHAT YOU CAN DO is 'Balance the Flow of Energy' in your body so that it keeps Rejuvenating Itself!

Dynamic Balancing is an Intensive One-Hour Session that involves Artistic Handling of Body Tissues and Detoxification down to cellular and bone level!

The heart of this Bodywork lies in monitoring the flow of vital life energy (known as chi, prana or qi). We use a unique combination of hands-on work and deep sound vibrations produced from Himalayan Singing Bowls.

This therapy will --
  • ·         Balance the flow of energy through Endocrine Glands, Organs, Bones and other Tissues of Body.
  • ·         Healing Stress Related Disorders
  • ·         Enhance Deeper and more profound Sleep
  • ·         Deepening Meditative States
  • ·         Balancing Chakras
  • ·         Healing Past Traumas and Break-through of Limiting          Behavioral Pattern

This life giving process can become your doorway to Enhance Healthy Body and Mind!

We believe in an Integrated Health Service, so in addition to Deep Tissue Healing and Vibration Healing initiated by sound, our session also includes AcousticVibro Therapy, Space Clearing and Life Coaching!

This unique combination creates a true Mind-Body-Spirit Connection so vital to natural healing.

We offer a session for 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Dates : 24th April - 4th March
Fees: Rs. 3500

To Book Your Session, Call Ritambhara: 9953559330
Profile of the Therapists:


A seeker who travelled around the world and learned various modalities for Bodywork such as Classic, Thai, Holistic Massage, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Treatment. He is also trained on Vibro-Acoustic and Magneto therapy. On this path of exploration, he intuitively developed a Methodology which combines his learning from various masters. His therapeutic session is a Meditative process which will enhance your connection to the body!


A Tarot Card Reader and Coach for Conscious Living. Her journey was facilitated by her association with highly appreciated 'NewAge Foundation'. Since then, she has been traveling and training with Mentors and Coaches of various modalities for gaining a deep understanding on 'realms of human life'. Her journey is the 'Path of the Shaman' that heals the body. The various other dimension included her therapy session is Space Clearing, Chakra Balancing initiated by Himalayan Singing Bowl & Psych-K.

Both Evgeniy and Ritambhara combined the strengths of their sessions to provide a Holistic Experience. They initiated the process of 'Dynamic Balancing' to instill harmony and balance within the Body!  - See more at:
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