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Come join me at Be A Certified Life Coach - Evaluation Program By Dr. Warren Stagg on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Be A Certified Life Coach - Evaluation Program By Dr. Warren Stagg' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Be A Certified Life Coach - Evaluation Program By Dr. Warren Stagg" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Be A Certified Life Coach - Evaluation Program By Dr. Warren Stagg Time: March 20, 2015 from 9:30am to 5:30pm
Location: Hotel Legend Inn
Organized By: Dr Warren Stagg

Event Description:
Presenting a 1 day workshop from Ajna.
A precursor to our certified two week training.
"Metaphysical Life Coaching"

You Are The Authority For Your Life.

Dr Warren Stagg
Dr Warren Stagg has a doctorate in Natural Science and Naturopathy. He has been a pioneer in the holistic health movement for over 40 yrs in the US and throughout the world, searching for simple techniques that have a lasting effect on the body, mind and spirit. He has published several books on the insights gained through his work and experience. 

Ritu Malhotra 
Ritu Malhotra, founder of AJNA, is a Psychologist & a trained Metaphysician. For over 25yrs. she has taught the pioneering work and vision of Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside in India. Ritu conducts individual sessions, intensive life coaching trainings and corporate workshops in India and throughout the world. 

To begin : A one day workshop :- Where Is Your Focus?
Gain a personal experience of what can be accomplished with our unique methods of life coaching.
In this program your cellular memory is tested individually through bio-feedback.
You learn to use : 

Behavioral Barometer.
Stress Defusion & Infusion Techniques.
The Power of emotional intelligence
Age Recession.

This one day workshop is a precursor to our
Certified 12 Day Metaphysical Life  Coaching Training 
This training is an experiential journey to self-discovery. In two weeks you learn the techniques of:
Testing Cellular Memory
Quantifying Negative & Positive Stress
The Amazing Behavioural Barometer
Age Recession from the Womb to first seven years
Bach Messages to Indentify Subconscious Attitudes
Pain Behaviours that are locked in memory
Aromas & Affirmations for Specific avoidance patterns
Sufi Enneagrams and their wisdom for self-growth
Assessment & Certification
Prior to Certification each participant is assessed for their ability to adequately facilitate the work with clients.
You are ready for Graduation to be a Professional Metaphysical Life Coach, assisting clients towards Quantum Transformation.
Fee for one day Workshop: Rs5000/-
Early Bird Discount: Rs4000/-
Workbook provided and Behavioural Barometer Chart
Fee for two week Certification: Rs55,000/-
Early Bird Discount: Rs50,000/-
Two Work Manuals provided.
Contact Ms Ritu Malhotra = +91-9822009313
Email- ritulifecoach@gmail.com  ;    ajnacenterforlearning@gmail.com

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