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Come join me at KALPAVRIKSHA KRIYA CHAITANYA Waorkshop By Anjali Chawla on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'KALPAVRIKSHA KRIYA CHAITANYA Waorkshop By Anjali Chawla' on The NewAge Foundation!
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KALPAVRIKSHA  KRIYA  CHAITANYA Waorkshop By Anjali Chawla Time: September 13, 2014 at 10am to September 14, 2014 at 6pm
Location: South Delhi
Organized By: Anjali Chawla

Event Description:
Kalpavriksha Kriya Chaitanya is a beautiful two days workshop facilitated for the understanding of how manifestations happen through Kriya and consciousness. In this program we provide the theory of mind, the power of sub conscious mind and connecting to your own Higher self and the super consciousness. This program is a therapeutic approach to self healing with awareness and getting connected & guided by your own Higher self. We are all power house in ourselves, what we need is to connect with our own Highest potential and manifest the best for us through Kriya and consciousness. There is Soul therapy done connecting with the High. Frequency energies and the super consciousness. When we acknowledge our issues, accept them and heal them with awareness, we overcome all the obstacles and move ahead in life.Every person who wants to live their life to the fullest are welcome to attend this workshop and feel the difference. In this workshop we will facilitate chakras cleansing and energising, manifestation meditations, balancing the Yin and Yang within. Acknowledging the power within. We have designed the intense workshop for the purpose of Healing
Day 1 :

Theory of mind, how does it work,
Spiritual understanding of conscious, sub conscious and super conscious.
Spiritual understanding of balancing the Yin & Yang within,
Understanding the theory of connectivity, Chakras cleansing & Balancing.

Day 2 :

Spiritual understanding of Grid healing,
Group healing,
Journey of Consciousness,
Soulful Divine dance,
Grounding meditation
Kalpavriksha meditation.

Early registration would be recommended.
About Anjali Chawla : I have been connecting to high frequency energies since childhood. When I grew up I started my journey on Spiritual path and learnt various healing modalities. I have been practicing Hypnotherapy and Angel healing  from past many years. Every participant in the workshop and every client in the therapy are the teachers of mine. I thank all my participants and healing clients to have come in my life. I see Guru within and I see guru in everybody. Life is a quest and awareness is a continuous process. Blessed Be!!!
The energy exchange for this two days intense workshop is Rs.10,000/- We would like to see as many Soul group participants. For further details contact Anjali Chawla 9810974327.

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