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This Weekend - Holistic Solutions For Permanent Weight Loss

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Hi I Am Rakhee

Your Coach For Holistic Weight Management

I am a certified Personal and Professional Coach and a certified Master Spirit Life Coach with accreditations from Certified Coaches Alliance in Canada. I'm an Advanced NLP practitioner with a certifications in NLP Health and Gestalt Therapy. I am an administrator of Extended DISC, a psychometric personality profiler that is based on the popular DISC, with more in depth reports of various functional areas. I'm also a certified Theta Healer. I am passionate about bringing satisfaction and joy in people’s life by coaching and mentoring them to explore and action the huge reservoir of untapped potential that each one of us possesses.


Money Workshop - By Suresh Padmanabhan

March 16, 2013 at 9:30am to March 17, 2013 at 7pm – Hotel The Legend Inn

This is your Wake-Up Call for Money. A Perfect Time to look into your life and find out if all is well in your Money World.

The realities of your present situation

You maybe having some Money Problems, Huge Debts, Scarcity of Money, Money Losses, Bad Investments, Losses in the Share Market, Huge Expenses, Business Losses, Stuck Money, Stuck Land/Properties, Court Case, No Job, Poor Savings, VRS, Business not doing well because of Recession and Competition etc. This creates Frustration, Confusion and Depression making us Aimless/Directionless.

To maintain a a good status in the society you may have borrowed heavily for your house, car, business and other luxuries. You have spent more than what you can earn and are in a Debt Trap which is increasing and becoming tighter by the day 
.. You are doing fairly well, but have Big Ambitions and Dreams. You want to give all Comforts and Luxuries to your family which you did not have in your life. You want your Children to be Well Educated and a want to send them to the best schools and colleges. You want to achieve Success in your Business, Work or Profession. You aspire to lead a content and fulfilled life. You are looking for ways to make this happen. 
.. You have all the Material Comforts but something is missing "Spiritually. 
...You want to Discover the Larger Purpose of life and its Secrets.

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Stay Slim Stay Happy

Exorcising Your Fat Away

A Workshop By Rakhee Chaturvedi


You might wonder as to why I have titled the programme Exorcising Your Fat Away rather than Exercising Your fat away… I am mother of a 14-year-old boy. I have been fit for most of my life. 11 years back I gained weight and developed pain in my shoulders and knees. I also suffered from varicosity in my veins. I struggled with physical pain and weight gain.


Like most people I did the popular things like dieting and exercising…and gradually became scared of eating food. Success would come at the cost of being unhappy and unsatisfied with my failure to eat what I wanted to. Then the biggest problem of fitness, which I encountered, was the yo-yo syndrome, where I would lose some weight and then gain some weight and the story continued.


8 years back I attended courses on awareness. I became aware of the control issues I had. I became aware that the fight was in my mind and in my behaviour to not be able to assert myself. And, in my inability to assert myself I had developed weight issues and had developed excruciating pain in some parts of my body.


When I became aware of the patterns in my attitude and the negativity that I was wreaking on myself, I realized that exorcising my negative thoughts and limiting beliefs was as important as exercising.


5 years back I started working with friends who had similar issues and today on the encouragement of my friends who have benefited from my work I offer you the following in my program.


Bring your body and mind to a singular goal to have a healthy and fit body;
Create awareness towards the need and desire of being slim and happy;
Learn techniques, skills and their implementation at the conscious and subconscious level;
Understand what thoughts and limiting beliefs keep you from being healthy;
Awareness and correction of language and attitude that is self-sabotaging in the process of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing;
Learn the secrets to profound change that will lead to being slim and happy;
Discover your wounds and the mask you wear that plays a major role in sabotaging in achieving your goal of being slim and happy;
Learn to eat what you want to and still stay slim;
Learn the choice of foods that you make and its negative impact;
Know yourself through your diet;
Learn the art of eating that will help in dealing with issues of craving and over-eating;
Learn to make your body your best friend;
The program is self-evaluative.

Rakhee is a certified Personal and Professional Coach and a certified Master Spirit Life Coach with accreditations from Certified Coaches Alliance in Canada. She is an Advanced NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner with certifications in NLP Health and Gestalt Therapy. She is an administrator of Extended DISC, a psychometric personality profiler. Rakhee is also a certified Theta Healer.


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Introductory Program Fee : Rs. 6,500

(First 10 Registrations At Rs. 6,000/-)

Regular Fee : Rs. 9,900

Call Devashish  9999979978 Sandeep  9818181991

A WEEKEND with spiritual teacher ANDREW COHEN

March 9, 2013 at 10am to March 10, 2013 at 6pm – Zorba The Buddha

Are You Thinking Your Own Thoughts?

Discover a Deeper Freedom
Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, founder of EnlightenNext and best-selling author of

Evolutionary Enlightenment: A New Path To Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever thought about where your own thoughts come from? Are your conclusions about life and the universe ones that you’ve found for yourself, or have they just been handed down to you by your family, friends, and culture?  Can you consider yourself to be a truly independent human being? 

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Absolute Freedom - You Are Free To Be Free ! A Workshop By Sheetal Jain
March 10, 2013 from 9:30am to 6pm – NewAge Wellness World - My Healing Temple (Saket)

Do you feel that you have been going through so many problems in life without any reason?

Do you feel the problems keep repeating in life and you are unable to live a peaceful and steady life, while for others it is better?

Do you feel that you have been doing so much for people, but still no one seems to understand you despite of all your efforts?

Do you think you are not loved the way you deserved to be loved?

Have you ever wondered why are you living your life, why are you going through all the problems?

Do you feel if you would not have faced those restrictions, you would have been able to achieve much more with the potential you have?

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