Friday, February 22, 2013

Invitation To Free Shamballa Meditation Session

Shamballa is a celestial dimension of peace and pure light consciousness as described in Tibetan Buddhism  The masters of shamballa are primarily known as the Saptarishis, who represent the 7 dimensional levels of the universe and take care of various aspects of this creation.

Saptarishis have chosen Nishant as their channel to communicate and download thier teachings of the shamballa dimension of light via channeling books, meditations and other mantras. He has already channeled 3 books via the masters. The first book was channeled by Maharishi Bhrighu and it talks about the Laws of Light and many other concepts. IN FACT, Even Before the scientists came to discover about the properties of something called the GOD PARTICLE, it was channeled by the Rishis in the first book(back in march 2012).

For more details read the first volume ebook by downloading it

In this free shamballa meditation session Nishant Sharma will channel the energies of the Saptarishis and explain the concept of Shamballa, Light, Ways to connect with Light, 7 Laws of light followed by Shamballa Light Invocation and Meditation.

So come and be a part of Shamballa Light circle as we move into the Golden age of the great shift.

Time : 10 AM - 12 Noon

Date : 3rd March 2013

Venue : My Healing Temple, D-133, Saket, New Delhi

Call Devashish on 9999979978 to register for this Free Session (Prior Registration Is A MUST)

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