Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing You To The World's No. 1 Wellness Device

Your Partner In Spiritual & Personal Growth

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Feeling Good is as easy as lying on the BEMER for 8 minutes twice a day 
Scientifically Researched and Clinically Proven the World over. 

BEMER - World's No.1 Wellness Device From Germany

A Healthy Body is Strong Enough to Heal Itself


The BEMER signal is the only impulse whose effect has since been scientifically explained. The following are considered to be the most important effects of the BEMER signal on human and animal organisms: 

  • Increasing the supply of oxygen and energy (ATP) by improving microcirculation
  • Supporting the body's internal self-regulating mechanisms by activating cellular and molecular processes
  • Increasing formation of the body's natural protective substances to combat free radicals
  • Boosting the body's defences by improving the rolling and adhesion behaviour of white blood cells

Contrary to the therapeutic approach of orthodox medicine, BEMER application does not usually treat the diagnosed symptoms. Scientific research today has proven that the symptoms are simply the "tip of the iceberg". The core of most illnesses lies deeper: disturbances in molecular processes interfere with the body's natural regulatory processes which in turn weakens the proper functioning of cells and organs.

This is where the BEMER therapy sets to work and in its preventive approach ensures that symptoms do not arise in the first place and in the case of therapy are tackled at the root. The most important basis for the efficacy of BEMER application is a significant improvement in the body's microcirculation. As a result, utilization of oxygen in the cells increases and the body increases production of its own energy supplier (ATP). The organism becomes more stable and efficient. Toxins and waste products are more rapidly broken down. The body's natural regulatory mechanisms are reinforced and healing processes accelerated. Microcirculation refers to the flow of blood through an organism's billions of tiny blood vessels. It is the most vital part of human blood circulation. It is here where the entire exchange of substances between the blood and the surrounding tissues (cells) takes place. 

Clinical studies verify this and other positive effects of the BEMER signal on both human and animal organisms.  

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