Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Contents Of "The Money Workshop"

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A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation


A Lot of you have been asking about the contents of The Money Workshop. Well Its difficult to enumerate them as this is a completely experiential program but the following are a few pointers.

Please note that we have extended the early bird offer to all advance registrations. so if you have been thinking of attending and have not yet decided this is another fabulous reason 

Some of the Power Packed Contents are: 

  1. How to Attract Money without stress and tension
  2. How to understand the influence of Fate, Karma, and other aspects, which influence our Money Life on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Discover the deeper meanings of daily rituals, mantras, mudras, meditations and the ancient systems
  4. How to activate your Peak Personal Power and Spiritual Power
  5. How to be joyful and contended at all times in your life
  6. How to find your Purpose and deeper meaning of life
  7. How to find your inner peace and enrich your soul.
  8. How to cut wasteful expenses
  9. How to create surplus and reserves from your present income.
  10. How to increase your Savings by understanding the oldest principle, which existed in various cultures 5000 years ago.
  11. How to organize, Manage, control and Handle Money perfectly
  12. How to attract the perfect customer, job and business.
  13. How to take perfect Money Decisions on your own.
  14. How to solve your present Money issues with proven techniques.
  15. How to learn to go beyond Money, to enhance life aspirations, achieve joy and contentment, and connect to the spiritual abundance.
  16. How to create a perfect harmony with Material and Spiritual.

Also a special session on Investing with respect to "Stock Markets" with tips and strategies for making profits will be the highlight.

And to demonstrate the confidence that we have is this program we offer a "No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guaranty" 

We look forward to have you with us at this life changing and most beautiful event in your life...


Sandeep Goswamy

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