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Come join me at Vaastu for Homes - Basic 1 Day Workshop By Reshma Kalantri on The NewAge Foundation

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Sandeep Goswa…
Sandeep Goswamy has invited you to the event 'Vaastu for Homes - Basic 1 Day Workshop By Reshma Kalantri' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Vaastu for Homes - Basic 1 Day Workshop By Reshma Kalantri" on The NewAge Foundation

Sandeep Goswamy

Vaastu for Homes - Basic 1 Day Workshop By Reshma Kalantri Time: January 26, 2011 from 10am to 6pm
Location: South Delhi - Defence Colony
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
A Basic Workshop on Vaastu For Residences
Ideal for beginners and also people who wish to take up Vaastu Shastra as a profession in future or maybe use the principles of Vaastu to enhance their own home or business premises. It is also useful for people in the Real Estate Business.
Course Contents
1. Using the Magnetic Compass 2. Straight, Tilted and Diagonal axis 3. Understanding the Directions 4. Paramashyika Vastu Purush Mandal 5. Room Placements 6. Internal Placements 7. Placement of Water 8. Roads 9. Gates 10. Examples 11. Formula 12. Questions
About The Facilitator
Reshma Kalantri is a practitioner of modern Vastu Shastra. After having studied Vastu Shastra from the ancient texts she has developed a unique methodology using a holistic and practical approach in sync with modern living. She has also incorporated the knowledge of yantras in her Vastu practice to enhance positive energies and counter negative energies of any site.

She specializes in planning the site from the ground up in accordance with the rules of Vastu Shastra. This ensures maximum compliance with the rules of Vastu Shastra. The detailed layouts are self explanatory and can be easily interpreted by anybody.
Having worked in Mumbai and other metropolis she understands the limitation of space and has developed a method to work within the existing confines and still deliver maximum Vastu advantage. She believes that Vastu Shastra is a malleable science and most of the times is flexible enough to be applied to built structures too.
Her in depth understanding and vast knowledge of the subject and her ability to be attuned to the clients requirements makes it possible for her to deliver client satisfaction every time. She has provided consultancy for bungalows, apartments, high rises, townships, factories, plants, hospitals, clinics, offices, showrooms, shops, etc.

She has co-authored a book on Vastu Shastra "The Mystique Vastu Shastra........A Contemporary Approach To Sacred Architecture". This book epitomizes her philosophy of maximizing the positive potential of the site and use it to the inhabitant's advantage. She has been practicing this branch Vastu Shastra for the last fifteen years. She also conducts workshops to teach people elementary Vastu Shastra with an intention of doing away with the many myths that have taken root in recent years.
Workshop Fee : Rs. 4,000 Per Head (Includes a copy of Vastu Shastra "The Mystique Vastu Shastra worth Rs.400/- , Tea/Coffee, Lunch etc.) Early Bird Discount @ 10% for registrations before 15th January To Register sms NEWAGE to 53030 or Call 9818181991/ 45090232

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