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Come join me at Past Life Regression & Energy Balancing - 2 Day Workshop By Smita Wankhade on The NewAge Foundation

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Sandeep Goswamy has invited you to the event 'Past Life Regression & Energy Balancing - 2 Day Workshop By Smita Wankhade' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Past Life Regression & Energy Balancing - 2 Day Workshop By Smita Wankhade" on The NewAge Foundation

Sandeep Goswamy

Past Life Regression & Energy Balancing - 2 Day Workshop By Smita Wankhade Time: January 29, 2011 at 9:30am to January 30, 2011 at 5:30pm
Location: South Delhi - Defence Colony
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
This experiential workshop helps one understand the higher dimension and to see the big picture of life to live a fuller life. It also helps one find joy, peace, love, confidence, courage and the spark in life!


Meditation Being with the breath.
Who am I Practical session on "Who Am I".
Reincarnation What is reincarnation and why do we reincarnate?
Karma What is karma?
Past-life regression What is Past-life Regression, its benefits, and evidences?
Emotions What is the importance of emotions?
Fears, phobias Where do they come from? Practical session and tools to release fears and phobias.
Relationships Importance of relationships. Practical session on understanding troubled relationships.
Health Why does one have health problems, where do they come from? Cellular Memories. Practical session on health issues.
Wealth creation What is wealth and how to create wealth? Practical session to find abundance.
Life between lives What happens in the after-death-stage?

Purpose of life Practical session on meeting your masters and guides and finding the purpose of life.

What we did yesterday, made our today, and what we do today, makes our tomorrow.

Benefits of Past-Life Regression

Past-life-regression is capable of healing a person's emotional, mental and physical problems.

In the upper realms, our past, present and future occur simultaneously. Hence, our subconscious mind can access our past-lives and transform the energy of the past-lives, so that it does not have a negative impact on our present lives.

This transformation during Past-Life-Regression brings about healing.

Past-life regression Overcomes problems related to:


Heals chronic diseases
Helps overcome fears and phobias
Improves inter-personal relationships
Retrieves talents and abilities of the past
Resolves jinxes and hard luck patterns
Frees us from the fear of death
Connects us to our masters and guides
Connects us with loved ones who have left the body
Helps to find our purpose of life
Helps to design our future.

Click Here For A Video On Why & Who Should Do It.

'We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience.'

About The Facilitator:-

Smita Wankhede

Smita is a Breath Worker, a Past life Regressionist, and a Reiki master. She has been studying the benefits of meditation, creative visualization, energy work and past-life regression, since the year 1998.

After having gone through different experiences in childood like tuning to different realms, seeing a 'soul', out-of- the- body experiences, her curiosity about the mystics increased and she understood these experiences when she began learning more about this subject. With her questions answered when she was introduced to the world of spirituality, she realized that spirituality is a wisdom that brings joy which has to be experienced, and that, this joy has to be shared with all mankind!

Having benefited from the breath work and past life regression sessions and with a natural flare for teaching, she realized that giving healing to others and spreading the knowledge of spiritual science is her purpose in life! Through her healing sessions, people have found relief from issues which were preventing them from living a fuller life. Each of them have found the purpose of their life and have been able to balance their material and spiritual life.

Workshop Fee : Rs. 6,600/- Per Head (Includes Course Material, Lunch & Tea/Coffee on both days)
Special Offer For Couples attending together : Rs. 11,100/-
10% Early Bird Discount For Pre-Registrations before 15th January
sms NEWAGE to 53030 for more details or Call Sandeep Goswamy 9818181991

Click Here for A Video on Glimpses Of The Last Workshop

See more details and RSVP on The NewAge Foundation:
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