Sunday, September 27, 2020

His heart dropped when he got news of Sinus attack affecting his mother !

Dear Member

Last night I received a message from a friend who was out of touch for the past few weeks.

The long note began with, "Life is so unpredictable. We desire something, plan something and
Eventually get something else. "This statement signaled some unexpected adversity in his life. 

Without further ado, I went on to read more.
I could feel a gush of emotions running inside of me as I read each line with a heavy heart.

My very close friend Mother has got a Severe Sinus attack and she is not able to handle the pain.
He mentioned - I know you are into alternative health and Healing and your prayers are Powerful. 
Can you please do something for my mother as she is in severe pain and he does not want to take her to hospital because of Corona spreading everywhere. 

He is an IT professional and At that moment I realize,  life isn't what it seems to look from a distance. In the blink of an eye, he is clueless about what to do next,
Suddenly my mind started getting anxious and thoughts started playing to my mind - Your are not doing healing for last 2 years what you will do now, How you will tell this your friend who had come to you with lot of faith.
To whom you will give the healing first, How you will restart now.

While I was thinking this , he cut the phone with lots of hope.
Despite what you may have known for years, In such sudden situation,  one might not get instant solutions.  

After regaining consciousness I came to my room and decided to do something for him.
In that process , following Questions started coming to my mind,

1) For how long should i give healing to them

2) Where to start

3) Whom to first give the healing

4) Am I powerful enough to  heal them

5) Which all symbols to use.
with many of such Questions I close my eyes and asked for some divine guidance.

Suddenly it Clicked  to my mind - CAN I USE TECHNOLOGY TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS.

Is their a tool which will support me in my healing process.
Is their a way using technology I can energies and scan myself Quickly.

While searching for that - I came across few of the Devices and Techniques and than I stick to one named as 
Healy ... Healy is a FDA approved medical device and wearable. It is new and unique.

Isn't it a great feeling to feel strong, active and healthy? A healthy body and mind means quality of life, after all. That's why Healy offers you applications to help you stay fit, and bioenergetically regenerate and reduce pain. It is designed to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and find peace in the evening. And it does all that without any Chemical Prescription Drugs or Medicines !

Healy is meant help you to increase your vitality to improve the flow of your energy reserves and to activate your energy reservoirs.
In a nutshell, if you want any information regarding How you can use technology for Healing Purpose , fill the form and join our detailed Zoom Session to know all about Healy will deliver Quick results 
Alternatively you can visit our website to know more about that.
Believe me, I want to see the Healing process getting more and more powerful.

Wishing you lots of Love and Health. Please stay home and stay safe and take good care of yourself and your loved ones

Yours Truly

Sandeep Goswamy

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