Thursday, March 19, 2020

My Journey in Frequency Therapy

Dear Member 

As you are aware that I have been promoting alternative holistic methods of health for a decade and particularly PEMF therapy since last almost 8 years

Although its a wonderful therapy the only issue was the cost and I was allways on the lookout for a less expensive solution

When my colleague from Germany suggested a new economical and handy device Healy I decided to explore it. The fact that it was sold through Network Marketing was very interesting

I have been involved with Network Marketing in the past quiet successfully and I consider it one of the BEST ways to market any product if its a good product and can generate referrals

I decided to buy one unit and try it myself

I am happy that I did! I am now introduced to Frequency Healing ! It is a fantastic healing method. In fact to be precise it is called Frequency Specific MicruCurrent technology and its economical, Wearable and Effective!

It is supported by lot of research and also spirituality!

I have decided to use it and also introduce my loved ones and people I care about!
So I have made this website to introduce people to this technology

Do visit this website and carefully explore all the pages as they are full of information and let me know what you think about it on contact us page

Warm Regards

Sandeep Goswamy

Click on the image below to know more!

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