Thursday, August 29, 2019

Nature Care Resonance

It gives us tremendous happiness in introducing three new centers, One in Thane Maharashtra one in Imphal Manipur and the third one in Ahmedabad!

All the centers are being run by highly qualified DOCTORS using PEMF Therapy under the name Nature Care Resonance Wellness Center 

All three centers are affiliated to us as and are offering various treatments using Energy Medicine 

When we started as The NewAge Foundation in 2005 the need of the hour was providing worlds best facilitators, a platform to reach out and connect with people so that more and more people can heal themselves and be trained as healers. We are happy at what we have achieved so far. We have trained thousands of people over these years as practitioners of holistic wellness. 

Many people's journey in spirituality, as healers, Life Coaches and as facilitators or even as organizers has started with or was inspired by The NewAge Foundation. Now that so many people have already been trained and continue being empowered as healers and facilitators, many people are now coming out to help and organize wellness programs, we are now creating a platform for healers and practitioners in the form of NewAge Wellness World. We want that every person has access to facilities and options for holistic wellness. 

Every locality should have a affordable and reliable Holistic Wellness facility and We look forward to your support. 

You Can Affiliate As A Independent Wellness Center, A Wellness Lounge Or As A Wellness Consultant 


Sandeep Goswamy 

NewAge Wellness World

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