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Come join me at Swar Vigyaan 1 Day Course on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Swar Vigyaan 1 Day Course' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Swar Vigyaan 1 Day Course" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Swar Vigyaan 1 Day Course Time: August 3, 2019 all day
Location: E-square Hotel, Pune
Organized By: Shakti Devpriya Anandnath

Event Description:
Success sutras from the First Yogi & Tantra Master – Lord Shiva  find elaborate mention in the Tantric discipline called 'Swar Yog' or Swara Vigyaan. This is an ultimate practical science in the Tantric lineages for achieving greater success & siddhis in material life. What more can be said about it. It is said in the scriptures that "Swaras are the essence of 'atman or consciousness' itself. One who attains the knowledge of Swaras is capable of creating success on all fronts of life. The one who knows the essence of Swaras attains complete knowledge of Vedas and other scriptures."

Swar Vigyaan is the science of creating all round success in life. Our lives are the sum-total of all the choices and decisions we made till now. We could change our lives only if we knew how to choose the best among the choices available.
The Master of Swar Vigyaan and Founder of The Shakti Multiversity, Ma Shakti Devpriya says "The best capacity endowed with the practitioners of Swara is wisdom of making right choices. A Swara Yog practitioner intuitively acts on the 'best choice' always. Therefore his/her life is free of obstacles and is always in synchronicity with the best divine has to offer."
There are innumerable benefits of Swar Yog practices

Increased Awareness
Able to heal instantly
Instant improvement in Brain Power and Memory
Balanced Pranic system
Increased Success and abundance
Capacity to Change your Luck
Access your hidden capacities
Change opportunities into success
Balanced mind and emotions
Change enemies into friends
Tune in to the Lunar and solar energies for best outcomes
Work according to the natural Swara cycles
Know the right time for everything you do
Change anytime to auspicious time
Assessment of Universal energies

Swar Vigyaan is a science that every person should learn. Just one day of course of Swar Vigyaan will help you immensely in understanding your energies and bringing in discipline so that you are in tune with the cosmic energies. The not so easy rules of Swar Vigyaan are explained in a very easy and practical ways. Learning Swar Vigyaan from a Master will always be a next level experience. 
You can know more about the workshop by clicking here.
To Register 
Call: 9112254352
WhatsApp: 7985928336
Contribution: 3500/-
The last date for registration is 15th July

See more details and RSVP on The NewAge Foundation:
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