Monday, April 22, 2019

Ancient Energy Secrets Of Money and Life With Suresh Padmanabhan*

Ancient Energy Secrets Of Money and Life With Suresh Padmanabhan*
A small group designer experiential workshop in Delhi
_Energy is Everything- Einstein (World Famous Scientist_
How to map out the Present Energy and Vibration of Your Home, Office and  Life? 
What are the power centres and specific directions to follow at your home and office to attract money, to improve your kids studies, enhance quality of life and create  positive energies?
How to Attract, Retain and Grow Your Money using Mystical Energy?
How to activate and attract the opportunities in your business and  life? 
What are the small powerful daily rituals to Follow to enhance the Aura of you and your Home?
What are the mystical objects to keep to Attract Money and Good Luck?
And lots more never heard secrets of Money
Become one of the Lucky Few to understand the forgotten language of Energy and Vibrations. 
_If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe Think in terms of Energy Frequency and Vibration- Nikola Tesla (The Greatest Scientist to Have Walked on Earth)_
Energy Exchange - 4900
Date - 28th April'19
Timings - 3 pm to 7 pm
Venue - Hotel Legend Inn, Kailash Colony.
Call Bhuwan - 9818125710
Ritambhara - 9953559330
Sandeep - 9818181991

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