Saturday, December 22, 2018

What science says about PEMF therapy

There's a lot of talk about mitochondria, the battery packs of your cells. How many mitochondria you have and how strong they are affect everything you do — from performing better to living longer. There are ways to boost your mitochondria through diet and lifestyle. But what if you could charge up your mitochondria directly — in a sense, plug them in?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy comes pretty close. All by transferring energy, PEMF has been used to improve functions like:

  • Rate of injury healing
    Immune function
    Physical energy
    Bone healing and density

PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and even to stimulate organs.

The idea is that pulses at low frequencies will pass through the skin and penetrate deep into muscle, bones, tendons, and even organs to activate the cell's energy and encourage its natural repair mechanisms.

PEMF is catching on as a non-invasive way to approach injuries, chronic pain, and even chronic conditions like depression and diabetes.

What science says about PEMF therapy

The mechanism sounds pretty convincing, but PEMF research under controlled conditions will uncover whether or not PEMF is effective. Here's what scientists were able to demonstrate about PEMF therapy so far:

  • PEMF measurably reduced pain and swelling following plastic surgery
    A sizeable body of research shows that PEMF helps slow-healing tibial fractures fuse
    A small study demonstrated that PEMF therapy reduces pain from chronic pain conditions and fibromyalgia
    Animal studies show the potential of PEMF therapy in regenerating nerve fibers in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves, which is promising for the future of regenerative medicine
    In cell cultures, PEMF treatment seemed to activate lysozyme, which is a major step in the bone regeneration process.
    Treatment with PEMF improved osteoarthritis by keeping cartilage from breaking down
    PEMF impacted the growth of bone cells in cell cultures, which formed bone tissue in lab tests
    In a small study, people with rotator cuff injuries went through PEMF therapy, and all participants had either reduced or eliminated symptoms.
    Just one month of PEMF treatment improved pain and functional performance in arthritis patients
    PEMF therapy helped regenerate the liver faster in rats who had part of the liver removed

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