Tuesday, November 27, 2018

If We Live on Earth, Why Do We Need Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Devices?

This is a very common question. Why is it that we need pulsed magnetic therapy, if we can just go outside and walk barefoot in Nature? That's a Good Question!

Here is the TWO-FOLD problem we have today which can be summarized as Not Enough of the GOOD and too much of the BAD frequencies. First, we are not getting enough of the GOOD earth based magnetic energy. This has two parts to it; the first part is that our Earth's magnetic field has been declining over the last 500 years (probably longer) and it is HALF of what it was just 300 years ago.

And on top of that, the average urban residing human being spends 90% of his or her day inside ISOLATED and partially shielded from these healthy frequencies. Add to that all the concrete and steel, rubber soled shoes, rubber tires, isolated mattresses, etc.

In Japan, fibromyalgia is referred to as Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. So many modern lifestyle problems can be partially linked to not getting enough healthy earth magnetism. The second part is TOO Much of the BAD. We are simply getting bombarded by dirty electricity or electrosmog everywhere we go. Computers, wi-fi, cell phones, handset phones, microwaves, hairdryers, cell phone towers, etc, etc.

THE SOLUTION: Supplement your body and life with a earth-based pulsed magnetic therapy.

What Can Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy Do For You?

Doctors and scientists have known for years that inside all of us is a raging electrical storm... We are made up of electrical impulses that control every cell nerve and muscle in the body. Doctors have wondered for years if they could manipulate these electrical impulses to improve our health and well being and for the last 40 years they have been working on using Electro Magnetic Field Technology to this end.

We're not talking about the kind of magnets you hang on your fridge door here but rather the science of using magnetic fields themselves to create Electromagnetic fields of energy deep inside the body. At its most basic level, pain is just nerve cells firing. Electromagnetic fields can affect how these nerve cells fire by quietening them down.

This is how they work to reduce and eliminate pain. And the effect doesn't end there... Electromagnetic fields also increase circulation to the painful area so healing takes place more quickly. This technology has gained increasing popularity recently and has been used more and more in the medical field to treat all sorts of painful conditions.

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