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Come join me at Learn Tarot Counseling With Ritambhara (DELHI) on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Learn Tarot Counseling With Ritambhara (DELHI)' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Learn Tarot Counseling With Ritambhara (DELHI)" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Learn Tarot Counseling With Ritambhara (DELHI) Time: July 7, 2018 at 10am to July 8, 2018 at 6pm
Location: The Elevated Minds
Organized By: Ritambhara Nand Tomar

Event Description:
Learn Tarot Counseling (Level 1) With Ritambhara TAROT COUNSELING IS A 18 HOUR INTENSIVE "CERTIFIED TRAINING PROGRAM". Here, you will learn the 'DELICATE ART OF COUNSELING' combined with 'MYSTICAL SCIENCE OF TAROT CARD READING'. This is a Special Program designed for those who have been feeling Empathy and always wanted to help/guide others around. So if you have been fascinated by 'How Conscious and Subconscious Mind Works together'; If you have been wondering How A Leads to B and How B Connects to C; If you have been fascinated by Mystical World, Signs & Symbols that affects our Life in a Powerful Manner; Than this Journey is for YOU ! What Will You Get In This Journey? 1. We will help you become a Highly Intuitive & Professional Tarot Card Reader & Therapist. 2. You will understand the significance of Body Language, Eyes, Gestures, Clothing, Voice Tonality that will help you Discover the Subconscious Patterns of Mind. 3. You will learn the Traditional Counseling Techniques and how to combine them with Tarot Card Reading in order to deliver a Powerful Session to the Client. The 16 Hour Training covers following topics - 1. Traditional Counseling Techniques & Science of Body Language 2. The Science of Tarot v/s The Art of Tarot 3. Story behind each of Major Arcana 4. Structure of Minor Arcana (the real interpretation of Minor Arcana is done only through your INTUITION). 5. Understanding the Synchronicity of Universe. 6. Process of Building & Deepening the Intuition. 7. Building Energetic Connection with Clients. 8. Body Awareness Exercises (To Guage Energies around). 9. Three Powerful Tarot Spreads for Work, Relationship & Self Growth 10. Ethics & Principles of Tarot Counseling Finally, we will end by honoring participants with Certificated & Manuals. Duration - 2 Days Fees - Rs. 18,000 Please Note - Participants are required to buy the Tarot Card Deck before hand for the Training Program. A Special Gift for the Participants -- Ritambhara will provide additional two seasons to the student over the phone (30 mins each) within next 2 months of training to resolve any of their queries. BOOK YOUR TRAINING NOW. Call +91 9810481455, 9810333986 About the Facilitator Ritambhara - Ritambhara is a Tarot Card Reader, Positive Psychology Therapist, Author, Mentor and Shaman who will help you bring a Mind - Body Balance. Ritambhara combines the Traditional Counseling Techniques with Tarot Card Reading to help You RESOLVE THE CONFLICTS IN LIFE. "We use Tarot Cards to Reveal the Deepest Secrets of Your Subconscious Mind". Being a Nature Enthusiast and Shaman by heart, Ritambhara has traveled around to explore various Dimensions of Human Behavior. She has Guided Thousands of people coming from various background, aged 6 to 60. She has successfully completed the Tarot Counseling Training in Goa with Seekers/Therapist traveling from Europe and US. She has also done Trainings in Delhi, Pune & Mumbai. She is one of the Authors of 'Holistic Wellness in Newage', the Best Seller Book ranking in top 3 titles under Holistic Medicine. Enchanting Conversation with Ritambhara - What exactly do you get to know after a Tarot Reading? https://youtu.be/puMwRznYJ28 People acknowledging the Insights that we got with Ritambhara https://youtu.be/rdF7SfSx-xs People's experience after the Training with Ritambhara https://youtu.be/60hxgEjUoa0

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