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Come join me at Chakra Balancing and Healing with Powerful Crystals With Bindu Maira on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Chakra Balancing and Healing with Powerful Crystals With Bindu Maira' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Chakra Balancing and Healing with Powerful Crystals With Bindu Maira" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Chakra Balancing and Healing with Powerful Crystals With Bindu Maira Time: October 6, 2017 from 10am to 5pm
Location: AbhiBindu
Organized By: AbhiBindu: Your Home to Wellness

Event Description:

THE MAGIC OF CRYSTAL HEALING Crystals are natural rocks formed over billions of years with amazing healing properties. They are an integral part of the Earth's core & send out healing to all life whether man, animal or plant life. The healing powers of crystals lie in their natural ability to focus, amplify, transmit, receive & balance. They have been used from time immemorial by priests, healers, shamans to empower, energise & heal and to balance body and mind. Crystals repair auric damage, dispel electromagnetic smog created by all the electronics and gadgets we use. The help in reducing stress, pain and creating positive relationships. They attract abundance, release blockages and help heal disease.  Crystals also enhance meditation by enhancing and attuning with universal energies. ABOUT BINDU MAIRA: Bindu Maira is a well known professional healer working with crystals, tarot, sound healing & hypnotherapy & life coach for the past 16 years. Intuitive from an early age ,with a deep and abiding interest in all things mystical, spiritual and esoteric led to an extensive study of the subject.,which she found to be her true calling and gave herself up to it fulltime over 16 years ago.  Ever since she has been helping to guide and heal an evergrowing list of clients from many countries across the world with Tarot ,Crystal healing ,Hypnotherapy ,Sound healing, and Counselling, Workshops and Healing retreats. She has been featured in a book called "Change your Life" along with some illustrious wellknown gurus and healers in the country, written articles for many magazines and is now published in a book (Holistic Wellness) which has become a bestseller on Amazon ...... Radio Shows, Television shows Being quoted in leading print media , being invited to address and work with various groups, both in India as well as Internationally , conducting Empowerment and Healing workshops for individuals as well as corporates, Addressing literature festivals ,are all part of her 16 year repertoire. Now besides travelling extensively on invitations by various organisations, both in India and other countries Bindu works fulltime out of her healing centre ANGELITE and combines Tarot, Crystals hypnotherapy, Colour and Sound to bring guidance and healing in her clients lives. She also regularly conducts personal empowerment and healing workshops and spiritual retreats both in and out of the country to help people get in touch with themselves, heal, and tap into their innate potential.

For Registration please call
Harika: 9810210178
Mamta: 9811169692

Participation Fees: Rs.6000/-


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