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Come join me at Dosha Balancing Curative Lunch on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Dosha Balancing Curative Lunch' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Dosha Balancing Curative Lunch" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Dosha Balancing Curative Lunch Time: July 27, 2017 from 12pm to 3pm
Location: AbhiBindu : The Meeting Point, Sultanpur Estate,Mandi Road
Organized By: Jeetika Duneja

Event Description:
In Ayurveda there are 3 main body types, also known as doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. We are all unique mixture of each of the body types. Many people, due to some form of imbalance, have a predominant body type.There is no "ideal body type." Ideally, you should be a balance of all 3 body types. 
 Come !!! And identify which dosha you have the most of. Know how to calm and balance that dosha.
The Event Includes :
An introduction to Health and Wellness by International Wellness Coach and Palliative care proponent, Kalpana Mehra representing CSR Wellness. She will talk briefly about the importance of food choices, lifestyle and palliative care.
* Jeetika Duneja, a healer who practices several modalities like Theta Healing, Angel Cards, Aura Reading, Bach Flower Remedies will then talk on doshas followed by some activities and a guided meditation. 
* She will guide you to know your specific Dosha and with her knowledge of Ayurveda,  help you understand and empower your food and lifestyle choices
*This would then lead to a dosha specific lunch as per your body type.
* The Lunch will include a demo session with Jeetika Duneja on the 'Veda Pulse'. 
* VedaPulse is a breakthrough pulse analysis technology that gives you a detailed documented understanding of dietary requirements and lifestyle suggestions as per your Doshas.
Energy Exchange: 1750/-
For Registration contact Mamta - 9811169692
Please Note:
* 11.45 am onwards on 27th our cars and drivers will be outside the gates of Sultanpur Estate to help guests park, valet and shuttle them in to #29.
* We shall be forwarding account details for an online transfer. Please make a payment there to confirm your presence. Help support our initiative, the CSR Wellness Foundation: a Cancer support group.
* We will have limited guests we can take in one time. Incase we are not able to accommodate everyone this time, we will do it in the one following soon.
* This is an initiative supportive to health and wellness not a replacement or cure.
* Independent and one on one consultations for The Veda Pulse sessions would have to be taken separately. Those are not included in this price.

See more details and RSVP on The NewAge Foundation:
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