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Come join me at SwitchWords- The English ‘Mantras’ to Create ‘Magick’ in your Life!! on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'SwitchWords- The English ‘Mantras’ to Create ‘Magick’ in your Life!!' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "SwitchWords- The English ‘Mantras’ to Create ‘Magick’ in your Life!!" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

SwitchWords- The English ‘Mantras’ to Create ‘Magick’ in your Life!! Time: July 29, 2017 from 10am to 5:30pm
Location: Aum Karma, Center for Holistic Studies, Meditation, and Spirituality, Kailash Hills
Organized By: Neera Sareen and Aalok Sood

Event Description:
SwitchWords- The English 'Mantras' to Create 'Magick' in your Life!! An Intensive One Day Workshop
"Would you like to bring a miraculous change in the domains of your Relationships, Finance, Job, Love-Life, Home, and Business?" "Would you like to learn a methodology that initiates and completes a desired change directly through the Sub-Conscious Mind?"
After successful two very intensive workshops on the same topic in Feb and Mar 2017, AUM KARMA comes up with its third workshop on 30th Jul 2017!!
Learn directly from Neera Sareen, Founder AUM KARMA and Aalok Sood, the two Masters who are Internationally Acclaimed and directly trained on Switchwords by the Founder of Switchwords/Energy Circles from the US. The Curriculum taught during the workshop is based on the same.
You would learn Switchwords, Switch Phrases, Energy Circles, Divine Healing Codes, Money and Abundance Techniques, Energy Vials, Animal Wisdom, and much more!
Neera Sareen is an Internationally acclaimed Master in Intuitive & Predictive Sciences, Spiritual Guide, Healer, and Life Coach. A gifted psychic and healer, she has curated and transformed countless people across the globe through Tarot; Coffee Cup, Tea-Leaf, Wine, Aura Reading; Crystal Ball Gazing; Angel Therapist; Moksha Pata; Runes; Energy Vaastu; and Numerology.
'Energy' and 'Spiritual Way of Living' is her core pursuits. She has received her certified training through Kat Miller (Founder & Pioneer of Switchwords in the USA) and Liz Dean in UK.
Aalok Sood is an International Master Trainer and a Certified Life and Business Coach. In Intuitive and Predictive Sciences, Aalok is a Certified Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Numerologist, Crystal Ball Gazer, Geo-Professional, Aura, Moksha Pata, and Energy Reader.
On Switchwords, he has been certified by Kat Miller, Founder & Pioneer of Switchwords in the US of America. Aalok has his clients all over the Globe.
Workshop Details:Duration and Timings- One Day Workshop; Timings- 10 am to 5.30 pm
AUM KARMA Centre for Holistic Studies, Meditation, and Spirituality. Kailash Hills, South Delhi- 110065
Free Introductory Talk- 18th Jul 2017: 3 pm to 4 pm
Cost- INR 12,000/-; Early Bird Discount Registration by 18th Jul 2017- INR 10,000/-
Take Away
Manuals, Certificate, Chakra Salts, Chakra Candles, Pendulum, Set of Energy Circles (ECs)
Special Offer Discount (On Base Cost- 12,000/-)- Students up to Masters only- 10%; Couples- 10%; Groups-4 to 6- 10%; 6 to 10- 15%; 10 and above- 20%
Application and Benefits for the Participants
1. Manifesting goals and desires
2. Healing self and others
3. Transmuting negative in to positive energy
4. Reduce and/or transmute the effects of diseases
5. Making impossible things possible
6. Healing of mind, body, heart, and soul
7. De-Addictions now possible
8. Overcoming fears and obstacles
9. Creating success stories
10. Better Health and Weight Loss
11. Support Group created on 'Whats App' after the workshop
Attendence- 15 years and above
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Online Registration and Payment Facility

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