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Come join me at Learn Vedic Tarot Card Reading With Ritambhara on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Learn Vedic Tarot Card Reading With Ritambhara' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Learn Vedic Tarot Card Reading With Ritambhara" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Learn Vedic Tarot Card Reading With Ritambhara Time: April 22, 2017 at 9:30am to April 23, 2017 at 6pm
Location: Kaarmiic Connection
Organized By: Ritambhara Nand

Event Description:
If you have been intrigued by the concept of 'Synchronicity'?
If you have been wondering that there is more to Universe than what you can See or Feel?
If you feel a Deep Compassion towards other beings and you are motivated to 'Facilitate others' on their Journey... than this Workshop is for YOU!
This 2 day Journey will allow you to tap into the Timeless Wisdom that exists in the Universe.
Vedic Tarot Training allows you Discover 'Tarot Card Reading' as the most Empowering tool that lie in your hand.
You might belong to any field but once you equip yourself with this tool, it enables you to See things that are 'Beyond the Normal Everyday Perspective'. Later, you could use this Wisdom to any area of your Life.
It is a Comprehensive Journey for those who intend to work as Professional Tarot Card Reader, Therapist, Facilitators or Life Coach. You will imbibe the 'Art of Relating to Others' and Helping others 'Discover their own Journey'. Speaking from my own personal experience - 'This is the Most Fulfilling and Blessed Profession' that allows me to go deeper within myself and realms of Human Behaviour'.
What will you discover?

Developing a strong Presence within you that itself Cures, Heals and Aids the Surrounding,
Work with 5 Elements to Deepen the Intuition,
Shamanic Processes of taking Messages from Existence,
Understanding Transference and Counter transference,
and most importantly, How to Use this Wisdom for Everyday Life Tasks.

We have been gifted with the most Powerful Tool – Our Intuitive Self.
This lies within us as a dormant energy but is believed to carry more Power than an Atom Bomb.
Now, it is time to 'Awaken this Flame of Consciousness' and Rise to your full potential.
The Biggest take away from this Workshop is - Deep sense of Self- Awareness, Peace and Harmony within as you see the Flame Glowing more profoundly!
P.S. Participants are required to buy this Deck before-hand as the whole training program will be based around this Deck. You can buy the deck from Amazon at
Regular Fee: Rs. 15,000
Early Bird Fee: Rs. 12,000 (1st 7 Registrations)
Call Ritambhara 9953559330 or Shubhra: +919560891621
Register Online To Secure Your Seat –

Participants will be provided with Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Green Tea
A Certificate & Manual (towards the end of the session) will also be provided from The NewAge Foundation
About the Facilitator
Ritambhara is a Vedic Tarot Reader, Shamanic Healer and Coach for Conscious Living. After completing her Majors in Applied Psychology, she got associated with The NewAge Foundation for Greater Discoveries in Positive Psychology and Energy Work. Being a Nature Enthusiast and Shaman by heart, she travelled around to explore various Dimensions of Human Behavior. She has successfully completed the Vedic Tarot Training in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. Also in Goa with Seekers / Therapists traveling from Native lands of Europe and North America, those who come to India intending to learn the Eastern Principles.
She is one of the Authors of 'Holistic Wellness in NewAge', the Best Seller Book ranking in top 3 titles under Holistic Medicine.

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