Friday, October 14, 2016

Are you self employed & loving it ? You have a invitation here.

Inviting all self employed people to join us and co-create a community of mutual help

We have sown the seeds of this dream to create a tribe of people who can come together on one platform and share their dreams,

  • When you share your success, you also inspire each other
  • When you share your failures (learning) you help others not to repeat the same mistakes
  • When you share your problems, you create space for someone to help you with your problem which they have probably faced and overcome.

This is a community which is designed as a Mini Facebook like social network where you can join free, make friends, write blogs, share articles & videos, create / attend events, have discussions, form groups and create pages..

It's an effort to create a Microcosm where the self employed will feel a sense of belonging that a community can create.

Join here if you consider yourself self employed (y)

What does "Self-employed" mean?

Someone who is self employed is the owner of a business, an individual who earns a living by working for himself/herself and not as an employee of someone else.

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