Thursday, July 16, 2015

"My Transformation Through Workshops" - Contest (Be a part of a Globally Published Book)

Did You Undergo A Transformation After Attending Any Of Our Workshops?

Would You Like to Share your Story?

This is your chance to express to the world; what you experienced in life and then Ultimately Found Peace and Growth !

We are giving you a chance to write your story about a challenge in life that you overcame to come back even stronger?

Since past ten years, The NewAge Foundation has been consistently providing a platform to people where they learn various Healing / Personal Growth modalities and experience Life Growth and Enhancements.

Inspired by very powerful success stories, The NewAge Foundation has created a open contest for all our over 10,000 workshop participants in last ten years.

If you have attended any of our workshop and have a success story to share, post it on our website in the Blog Section (Click Here)

The top 20 stories will be becoming a part of our next book titled
'Transformation through Workshops'.

The book will be out by the end of this year and will be available all over the world to be Published by The LightWorks Publishing.

The rest of the stories will be featured on the blog section on our Website and the all the contributors whose entry is published on the website will also be given a free copy of 'Holistic Wellness in NewAge' worth Rs. 995 & ranked as No. 1 Best Seller on under the "Wellness" Category. It is now available worldwide!

Please click on following link to share your story and Win a Chance to Become an Author in Globally Published Book...

The contest starts from 15th July to 30th October.

You can post your articles at

Visit The NewAge Foundation at:

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