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Come join me at “Sushumna Yog – One step at a time towards Well Being & Healthy Lifestyle” - 5 Hours Free workshop on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event '“Sushumna Yog – One step at a time towards Well Being & Healthy Lifestyle” - 5 Hours Free workshop' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "“Sushumna Yog – One step at a time towards Well Being & Healthy Lifestyle” - 5 Hours Free workshop" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

“Sushumna Yog – One step at a time towards Well Being & Healthy Lifestyle” - 5 Hours Free workshop Time: December 8, 2014 at 7am to December 12, 2014 at 8am
Location: Delhi - Vikas Puri
Organized By: Herjeet Dutt Chhiiber

Event Description:
"Sushumna Yog – One step at a time towards Well Being & Healthy Lifestyle" - 5 Hours workshop by "Sadbhavna Center's Trainers Herjeet Dutt Chhiiber & Acharya Naresh Nadda (Patanjali Yogpeeth). Introduction :- Our scriptures witness 72000 nadis or energy channels in human body. Among them the most important are Ida, Pingla & Sushumna. When mind is outward Ida and Pingla remain active however when mind is calm, at peace and tranquil Sushmna Nadi the central channel gets awakened.  During this stage the human being experiences an unparallel and unique experience that is beyond worldly pleasures. In this course of awakening, proceeding with one step at a time, human body shifts its mode from diseases to well being and disease free body triggering stress free healthy lifestyle. Duration :- This is a 5 days progrqmme one hour each day from 6AM to 9am in batch of one hour each from 8th December 2014 to 12th December 2014. The programme is not aimed to make you an expert practitioner however within 5 days you will be able to learn sushumna yog and initiate practicing it on your own without support of your teachers.  The fees :- There is absolutely no fee for this programme, however since its being designed, developed and delivered by this NGO called Sadhbhanva center under flagship of Sanjeev Chhibber Charitable Trust and it involves major expenses hence donations and contributions from your side will be welcomed as per your free will.  About Trainers :- 1) Herjeet Dutt Chhiiber is a Yoga Lover and is trained in Sushumna Yog, Kundalini Awakening, Ayurveda, Coaching and different Healing modalities. She along with her co-trainer Acharya Naresh Nadda ji has been conducting Sushumna Yog programmes since last 4 years in Delhi. She had lost 10 kgs of her post-pregnancy weight through Sushumna Yog and Yog-gram visits. She is a certified trainer from ISTD and has trained thousands of people across globe through hundreds of trainings at corporate and individual levels. She has won national and international awards for contribution in the field of training.  2) Acharya Naresh Nadda is a practicing Trainer of Yoga at Patanjali Yogpeeth. He has dedicated his life to training yog to adults and children alike. He had suffered major diseases in life and with just sushumna yog he could cure them all and now people say he looks half of his age, emanating a spiritual glow all the time. He has been associated with Herjeet for last 5 years and comes to Delhi only by invitation. 

For Registration :- Contact Prerna -- 9717776709 Welcome to a healthy start in your life from 8th December at Sadbhavna Center a Sanjeev Chhibber Charitable Trust initiative.

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