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Come join me at Manifesting Ceremony -- Create the Magic Within on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Manifesting Ceremony -- Create the Magic Within' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Manifesting Ceremony -- Create the Magic Within" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Manifesting Ceremony -- Create the Magic Within Time: November 14, 2014 from 3pm to 7pm
Location: The Resonance Temple
Organized By: Ritambara Nand

Event Description:
Let your Soul Radiate Bliss, Aura and Hope – Discover Conscious Creation
Each Moment we are Manifesting Events in our life. Surely it would be Great to Discover a complete system to Attract Wonderful People, Happy Events, Create Good Luck, and Unfold the most beautiful dimensions of our life in a conscious way.
Unlock the World of Infinite Possibilities Within You
You will younger than ever before. Feel like the God's Child where the Universe is Working Magically for you all the time.
Experience the Union with your Desires in the Exclusive Manifestation Ceremony
Here you will be Coached and Facilitated to – 
Uproot the Negative Thoughts which constantly drain you, and be in a pool of Positive Thoughts.
Generate Peak Performance by activating the PFC (Pre Frontal Cortex) of the Brain.
Respond rather than React. Be calm, cool and composed.

Move away from The Stress to absolute Peace and Bliss. 
Let Go of the Emotional Swings of the Mind and become more Stable & Grounded.
Peep in your Mind to remove the Unwanted Messy Negative Thoughts.
Find Hidden Answers and Perfect Solutions to any aspect of our life.
Soon the words Problems, Anxiety, Insecurity, Negativity etc will be wiped out of the Dictionary of your life.

Unlock the Power Within – Live the Life you were Meant to Live
The Ceremony involves
Creating a Scared Space – Space is Magic. The one who learns about the space will Unlock the Mysteries of Universe. You will understand Directions;  Harmonizing the 5 elements which create life; Powerful Symbols that will boost the energy, Removing Negativity in the spaces, Creating higher frequency vibration which will help manifest your Desires.
Plunge Deep into the Sacred Music – Only a particular kind of Music triggers a higher state of Consciousness in the Mind and Body. You will be taken on a Exclusive Musical Journey using Rare and Natural musical Instruments.
The World of Fragrance – Nose is the doorway to Inner World. Certain Natural Fragrances will trigger the dormant centers in your Brain Lobes and activate those right feelings and emotions for Manifestation to happen.
The Magic of Crystal Grids – Imagine a system where Universe and Energies are working 24/7. This is only possible through the hidden technology of a crystal grid. As you go to work, silently somewhere in your home the Divine Crystals are working for You and your Family.
The Manifestation Meditation – This is the Heart of the Ceremony. These are lost secrets of Mystical Masters and Rishi's of Ancient India. Here the deepest process of Manifestation is Revealed and Experienced. This is the 'Missing Key' without which Manifestation is a Huge Struggle. This cannot be taught in theory and is only possible through an interaction with Live Master.
The Ultimate Flowering through Psychedelic Tea Ceremony – This is once in a lifetime Experience that will Blow your Mind. You will witness Flowering of your own self as it Happens! You will actually feel and capture your Unlimited Potential.
The Third Eye Activation - The Third Eye is the Sacred Mystical Spot that has to be activated for Speedier Manifestation. Using Rare Herbs and Singing Bowls this center will be activated.
The Morning Ritual – You will be able to create your own Designer Morning Ceremony which will make you Unstoppable and a Power Personality, full of Life.
After attending this Ceremony, you will start falling in Love with the most important person in the World – You!
Energy Exchange: Rs 6500
Early Bird: Rs 5500
For Registration
Call Ritambhara: 9953559330, Sandeep: 9818181991

See more details and RSVP on The NewAge Foundation:
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