Thursday, June 5, 2014

Forgive To Win! : End Self- Sabotage. Get Everything You Want by Walter E. Jacobson

Why Buy This Book?

If you haven't accomplished what you want in your life, despite having put a great deal of money, time and energy into a variety of self-help books and programs, it is most likely due to your own self-sabotaging behaviors. None of the self-help books out there will solve this problem. That's what makes Forgive To Win! so unique.

Its Forgiveness Diet, a daily regimen of thoughts, actions and exercises designed to teach us how to control our mind rather than be victimized by it, eliminates self-sabotage by eliminating the unconscious self-loathing that generates it. As we engage in Forgiveness Diet on a daily basis, releasing our harsh judgments and replacing them with acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness, our deeply embedded guilt, shame and self-loathing decreases and our self-esteem increases. This leads to a decrease in our self-sabotaging behaviors and an increase in our self-actualizing behaviors, the end result being a preponderance of positive outcomes in our lives.

Why dream about miracles when you can make miracles happen! There are no limits to what you can accomplish with the Forgiveness Diet. With Forgive To Win!, you can have it all!

About The Author:
Dr. Jacobson is a board-certified psychiatrist, a Mastery of Life mentor, and a motivational speaker who inspires people to utilize spiritual techniques and cognitive tools in order to achieve happiness, well-being and material success. Visit Dr. Jacobson's website at

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