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Come join me at Core Empowerment Retreat in Nepal With Dr. Paula Horan on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Core Empowerment Retreat in Nepal With Dr. Paula Horan' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Core Empowerment Retreat in Nepal With Dr. Paula Horan" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Core Empowerment Retreat in Nepal With Dr. Paula Horan Time: April 5, 2014 to April 9, 2014
Location: Nagarkot Farmhouse, Nepal
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
What Every Trainer & Life Coach Needs
Are you a trainer or life coach?
Do you sense a need in yourself to explore your own wisdom mind?
If you are helping others empower themselves, you may be ripe for the next step on your path. Here is an opportunity which will assist you in helping others in a more profound manner.
While trainers and life coaches are evolved beings in their own right, the hooks of karma and ego identification can still ensnare us at any given moment. As we share our own unique skills, helping and empowering others, we ourselves have shadow aspects to deal with and there are always new insights and revelations waiting to be discovered. Because of the energy you expend on others, you owe it to yourself to take time for your own inner exploration and expansion. As a healer or guide, you have your own challenges that seen or unseen by your peers, are affecting your life nonetheless.
To guide others, you need to be fully present and to do so you need to take time out periodically and respect your own need for going to greater depths.
A retreat that allows you to examine your deepest reactions to your life journey, to lead you inward to greater self knowledge is paramount.
To attain the clear sight that yogis and yoginis have attained through years of rigorous practice, cultivating the perspective of Non Dual Awareness and learning to see through Ego Identification can benefit your role as a guide or trainer. It is essential on our journey of evolution. And it is more so for those who are supporting the current changes on the planet.
Such a retreat is beneficial for gaining personal depth and greater professional success, not just in terms of material return, but in the greater depth and clarity of your work. Every teacher or trainer wants to convey his or her message in a way that makes it complete and relevant for everyone. When you are free from all projections in your role as a guide, when you operate from emptiness and the simultaneous fullness of your being, your efforts to convey your guidance become spontaneous, creative, directed from the heart, which has a profound effect on your audience.
A Jnana Yoga Retreat can help you give yourself that extra edge of having an absolute perspective, and it can help you better understand your own blocks as a trainer. When you are centered in the absolute, you can move freely in the relative, and the Core Empowerment retreat opens the way to experience this.
This April, in a pristine mountain retreat in Nepal, we will have the opportunity to come together and cultivate and strengthen our experience of Non Dual Awareness. Facilitated by Dr. Paula Horan, each participant will have the opportunity to explore his or her mind stream, to uncover the shadow aspects and clear them in the light of the view of the absolute. Empowered in our role, when we return, we can share with others a new depth of universal love and wisdom, free from the unconscious control of our ego's masks, more aware and awake! And this is the ultimate attribute a guide can attain to fuel his passion and purpose on the path.If you feel called to take this journey, enroll today!
About the facilitator
Dr. Paula Horan is an American psychologist who is known worldwide for her numerous books, seminars & retreats on alternative therapies & ground-breaking approaches to consciousness development. She has comprehensive experience in many forms of body/mind and energetic therapeutics. Developing Core Empowerment, a five-day retreat that incorporates Jnana Yoga, the science of cutting through the mind, she has had a worldwide impact.
Fee: Rs. 39,000 (with Boarding & Lodging)Early Bird Fee: Rs. 35,000 (before 28th Feb.) With a min. advance of Rs. 5,000Call Sandeep 9818181991 / Ritambhara 9953559330 / Swatika 9871182920

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