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Come join me at REDEFINING HAPPINESS – A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT By Dr. Swati Shiv on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'REDEFINING HAPPINESS – A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT By Dr. Swati Shiv' on The NewAge Foundation!

The NewAge Foundation

REDEFINING HAPPINESS – A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT By Dr. Swati Shiv Time: May 18, 2013 at 9:30am to May 19, 2013 at 6pm
Location: My Healing Temple (Saket)
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
This is an experiential workshop where we will move from preaching positive thinking to practicing energy shifts in the body. It will integrate several energy healing modalities to erase reasons of negativity in the subconscious mind, open energy blocks and uplift the soul towards happiness, by shifting energy cycles
Everything that we do in life is to be happy. Whether it is getting marks in school, going shopping, getting into good professions, buying cars or mobiles or staying married, the goal aimed at is happiness. However, our approach to happiness needs redefining as our society is moving towards greater levels of stress & disease with the conventional doctrines of thinking. Happiness for the soul is the same as health for the body. Happiness is created in our soul just as health is created in our body by right diet, release and exercise. It is a practice of being.
Happiness requires that we start with learning first aid skills of emotional management.
This workshop aims at teaching the basic tools anybody needs to live a happy life. However much money or success we may earn, unless we apply this tool kit, we cannot be happy or healthy from within.
In this course, we will learn:
• Individual demonstration and group healing therapy• Stress release mediation through self hypnosis• The power of the subconscious mind • Why does the soul incarnate on Earth and how to stay aligned with soul's purpose• Improving concentration, meditation ability and work performance through self hypnosis
2nd Day Course
Usually, we stay unhappy by either feeling sad about what has happened in the past or what would happen in the future. So, to stay happy, it is important to train the mind to delete memories. Therefore, the 2 day course of Emotional management would include
• The process of erasing traumatic memories from the subconscious mind• The process of releasing negative soul fragments of other people• Energy cord cutting process to get over feelings of betrayal and worthlessness• Installing positive memories by training the subconscious energy cycle
Dr. Swati Rao Shiv is an Emotional Management and HAPPINESS consultant and facilitator. She has been practicing integrated emotional management therapy through using hypnotherapy, REIKI, NLP, spirit release, life between life therapy, Theta healing and past life therapy for several years. Her work focuses on teaching happiness while helping clients evolve their souls through healing physical diseases, relationship conflicts, confidence problems, removal of phobias, negative spirit attachments etc.She has written three books: IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS (how past lives affect the present), a soul's perspectiveCREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul's perspectiveREDEFINING HAPPINESS: HOW TO HANDLE NEGATIVE FEELINGS: a soul's perspective
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