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No Surgery, No Drugs DR. L. SIVABALAN Article From "The Hindu"

Scientific Holistic Wellness .... Naturally!
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Discover iMRS

iMRS is a highly technical pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that is registered by the Food and Drug Agency in the US and the European Medicines Agency in Europe. Its frequencies, intensities and the biorhythm clock are inspired by nature. 

It is a portable wellness device for humans that provides earth-compatible PEMF energy to the whole body (via a full body mat) or a local body part (via local applicators) to facilitate repair (e.g. pain or inflammation), improve speed and endurance (e.g. run faster and longer), and foster overall wellness (e.g. alkalinity, circulation, oxygen, range of motion). 

Due to modern lifestyles, living and working mostly in brick buildings with concrete floors and not spending enough time outdoors in fields and forests we no longer receive optimal exposure to the Earth's natural magnetic field. In addition we are bombarded daily with unhealthy “electro-smog” from dangerous EMF (electro magnetic fields) pollution (cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions etc.) which further decrease our biological cell energy (cell membrane potential). Also, in the past 500 years, the earth's own magnetic field has declined by 50% and is continuing to reduce. 

iMRS is the optimal solution to these modern problems as it provides us with healthy earth-based magnetic energy and gives us several hours of EMF protection. In only 8 minutes twice a day your body and cells can be charged and energized, making the iMRS the ultimate wellness tool.

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No Surgery, No Drugs


Article From "The Hindu"

About PEMF Therapy

Living with arthritis is a dilemma for majority of sufferers. With painful symptoms like stiffness, painful and creaky joints, swelling and restricted mobility, the disease lasts a lifetime. Many people mistakenly assume that arthritis is part of the ageing process and so they put up with it.

The fact, however, is people with arthritis lead painful, restricted lives because they choose to ignore symptoms during initial occurrence and do not to visit the doctor at the right time. In such cases arthritis can be disabling.

Upon diagnosis, well-guided treatment options in advancing orthopaedics guarantee great improvement in the quality of living, especially for the elderly. Sometimes the symptoms may be well-defined, sometimes vague. So, accurate diagnosis of the exact type of arthritis can be made by a thorough physical examination and a few tests.

Treatment options

The effectiveness of treatment is largely dependent on the patient carrying out the doctor’s directions. General options for arthritis may involve medications, arthritis-friendly exercises, joint protection techniques, natural remedies, pain relief techniques, changes in diet and nutrition, weight control, adapting to work habits and coping strategies.

Generally, patients get immediate relief by taking anti-inflammatory medicines. But this is not a wise option. Prolonged use of pain killers and other similar drugs have severe side-effects. There are other non-invasive ways to get relief. Natural ways are the best options as it is non-invasive way of treating the disease.

Painless therapy

One of the most-recent treatment techniques to help patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders is Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy. Without using drugs or surgery, this painless therapy approved by the European Union uses a patented technology, which mimics natural signals in order to activate and stimulate normal healing processes that lead to the growth and repair of tissues. This unique therapy harnesses the body’s ability to heal itself. Tremendous benefits are documented from the PEMF therapy, now also available in India. It helps patients reduce medication while offering absolutely no side effects.

PEMF is found to be effective on the spine, hip, hand, foot and the knee. It is also found to have bone healing protocols that produce end-result in non-union fractures and failed arthrodeses. Treatment with PEMF protocols also reduces time taken to heal the fracture.

The long list of treatable conditions under PEMP includes arthritis, back pain, bursitis, cervical arthritis, coxitis, osteo-arthritis, peri-arthritis, tendonitis, sciatica, fractures, delayed fractures, varicose veins, varicose ulcers, wound healing, diabetic ulcers, non-healing ulcers, and trauma wounds. Patients can resume complete mobility and carry on with their daily activities without restriction and guarantee great improvement in the quality of living.

While conventional methods like proper diet and exercising continue to keep the body going, non-invasive treatment options like the new technology PEMF provide effective solutions to pain.

People with arthritis need not lead painful, restricted lives. It is possible to relieve the pain and lead an arthritis-free life. What better way to shed the many misconceptions of arthritis on World Arthritis Day!

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Why Is PEMF So Vital?

Just like fish lives and strikes in water similarly we human beings reside in the pond of pulsating electromagnetic fields or PEMF. You should have heard of the fact that our earth has a magnetic discipline but most of us are unaware of the truth that the magnetic field shifts with time and it has very much less intensity and frequency that in a way drives each life on earth. The PEMF is not just important for directional steering for Bees, birds and human beings; it serves in lots of other ways. The PEMF of the earth is the catalyst, the stimulus and the spark for all types of biochemical reactions that takes place on this earth.

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An Idea Who's Time Has Come

This is a place where you would like to visit everyday to rejuvenate your self holistically. Mind, Body & Soul integration is what we offer. We will offer Daily Yoga & Meditation Sessions. Occasional discourses & movie screenings about spirituality & personal growth. Healing sessions. 
Every weekend we will be hosting free (for members) workshops and holistic healing courses, and at least once in a month there will be paid events where members will get  25% to 50% discount. You will be offered a energy check using our state of the art energy diagnostic systems to let you have a clear picture of your state currently.  This will help you to determine what sort of treatment or therapy you may be needing. You will be able use the world's No.1 PEMF Device the  iMRS, by visiting this place on a daily basis. Details of this therapy are available on Many other wellness devices and equipments will also be available for you to use.
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