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Come join me at Creative Memory Skills Workshop By Sachin Malik on The NewAge Foundation

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The NewAge Foundation has invited you to the event 'Creative Memory Skills Workshop By Sachin Malik' on The NewAge Foundation!
Check out "Creative Memory Skills Workshop By Sachin Malik" on The NewAge Foundation

The NewAge Foundation

Creative Memory Skills Workshop By Sachin Malik Time: February 26, 2012 from 9am to 6pm
Location: South Delhi - The Legend Inn
Organized By: The NewAge Foundation

Event Description:
The Workshop is aimed at equipping the learner with the tools, techniques and skills required to remember more, faster, for long and with least effort possible.
Be it students, professional, businessmen, home-makers or elderly - everyone feels this challenge. The challenge of not being able to retain and recall something that they saw, heard, read or experienced in near past or long back. It has become such a common issue that it is taken normal and for granted.  
But it could be frustrating for many and could cost a lot too!
• Students forget answers, dates and events, formulae, spellings, technical names, maps, factoids, sequences, orders etc.  And that results in lower scores after all the hard work. 
• Professionals and businessmen need to remember lists, names of clients, facts and figures, tasks and appointments, product codes and related information. 
• Home Makers forget their shopping lists, phone numbers and extensions, recipe ingredients, their kids' time table, who had called etc. 
• And all of us time to time forget where did we keep our keys, wallet, spectacles, phone and also it's a challenge to remember to remember something.  
Creative Memory works on the fundamental laws and rules of memory. It goes against the regular practice of only repeating lots of text and writing down everything that needs to be remembered. Creative Memory is highly visual, extremely simple to use, and is fun-oriented. Many of the techniques taught are used by contestants in World Memory Championship. And it does not require you to be any genius to get started. It being simple brings out results faster so much so that you could easily measure the improvements, the same day. It being visual can be learnt by people of all ages with least effort. It involves multi-sensory exercises and activities and is whole brain based. Do not give up on it, yet. You have the key to unlock the mysteries of your memory! 
Who can attend?
1. School Students (IX standard and above)
2. College Students & Competitive Exam Students (Highly Recommended)
3. Corporate Professionals (Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, Accounts etc.)
4. Businessmen and Self Employed
5. Parents and Teachers
6. Writers and Authors
Click Here For Agenda of the Workshop

INR 3000/- (For full day workshop & Includes Training Material, Lunch and Tea/Coffee etc.)
INR 2500/- if registered by 5th February 2012
Sachin Malik is a Certified Memory Trainer and has 10+ years of corporate experience. Sachin is passionate about training people into Memory Skills through workshops for students, adults (colleges, institutes and corporate) and elderly in varied setups and formats. Sachin is the co-founder of The Neurons, a memory and learning skills training organization, is on the panel of Educomp as Expert – Memory and Retention and is enlisted as a Memory and Learning Coach with The American Embassy School, New Delhi.
Registration : Call Sachin Mallik 91 -  99 100 94830

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