Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hi Everyone ! From Jane Kirby

Your Partner In Spiritual & Personal Growth

A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation

Hi everyone :) 

This is Jane ... and a personal call to any PARENTS, TEACHERS & YOUNG ADULTS to join me for this Passion Test™ workshop and teaching tool, this Saturday Dec 3rd! (Note - this IS the last Passion Test process workshop I will be facilitating in New Delhi until later next year!)

IF you are interested is discovering (with absolute certainty) what your true life calling IS – or would like to assist your children to KNOW what specific calling they are most gifted to follow - then THIS WORKSHOP is 100% for you!!! 

TEACHERS – Use this to guide your students and help them discover their greatest potential and giftedness!

PARENTS – Use this to save yourself LOTS of potentially wasted tertiary education fees, by knowing 100% that what your children next study at college or university IS what they are most called to, most talented at and most desire to study!

YOUNG ADULTS – If you are unsure what you are most passionate about, or uncertain what you really most wish to do in and with your life – Join me on Dec 3rd and FIND OUT!

With much love to you all,

Jane Kirby 
(Master Certified Passion Test™ Facilitator)


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