Thursday, November 10, 2011

For 80% People, work is boring

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A message to all members of The NewAge Foundation

Dear Members,
I ran across this survey recently and it shocked me.
Harris Interactive found that only 20% of people are passionate about their work. That means that FOUR out of every FIVE of people are doing work just to pay the bills. How about you? Are you in the 80% or the 20%?
I used to be in the 20% but not any more.

Sadly, most people aren't living a passionate life because they don't know what they are most passionate about. That's where taking The Passion Test helped me and it can help you too.


Just imagine - if you knew your top passions wouldn't it make it easier for you to create a life that's aligned with them? Absolutely.

Check out this self-assessment tool called the "Passion Test Profile" developed by my friends, Chris and Janet Attwood, New York Times Bestselling authors of "The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose". 

Just answer the 7 questions and you'll receive a detailed analysis allowing you to see where you stand in living a passionate life and what you can do to create a more fulfilling life. 

Take your Passion Test Profile here:
Hope you have a great day!
Sandeep Goswamy
The NewAge Foundation

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